Doctors Neurotically Scream For Mo' Masks

Here we go again. Almost three years in and still with the masks. If you don't take a stand now, they will never stop. They will indeed attempt to make this permanent as I've been warning since the summer of 2020. 2020! 

The usual suspects are out there 'recommending' masks in public spaces 'to protect others'.

This is how an assumption morphs into fact.

That is, masks never had any science to back them up but the authorities simply rammed through the idea they worked to form a noxious social habit that will neither protect anyone or stop transmission. 

As usual, the cackling is loudest among the physician class and some academic epidemiologists. 

So far, from what I can tell, people aren't giving in to it. Nor should they.

Do not feed their neurosis and phobia. Don't let them project their fears onto you. Live your life. You owe nothing to the public health system. You pay into and that's enough. That it's crumbling and chronically understaffed is not your problem. You don't need to give up your rights to protect it because of their incompetence. 

Draw a line.

Masks won't do anything. Worse, they may even make things worse.

Masking kids is a crime. Full stop.

If it's not backed by evidence politely refuse and safely ignore it. 

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