It's All Academic Now

With Justin Trudeau set to grace the public hearings with his regal presence tomorrow, here are my final thoughts on the whole theatre show.

It's quite clear the government created itself a magical narrative and won't ever deviate from it or change their minds. Listening to the three runners for the PM tonight, that became apparent to me. Katie Telford made the ridiculous specious claim the mandates were rooted in science when we all know they weren't. We all know the government never consulted the real science or PHAC for that matter. They had a narrative - propaganda - to peddle. Otherwise known as disinformation.

None of this was rooted in anything really. It's been truly an eye opening experience to realize we're a country with not standing principles of any kind.

A country that's willing to amend the law on the fly because it 'takes too long' to do it through the proper ancient channels of law which forms the basis of legitimacy, is willing to ignore all the established scientific and ethical documents and charters we created in the last 70 years protecting medical rights and informed consent.

They simply ignored it all. In the process, they abused and made a mockery of the rule of law.

Worse, the soul of the country.

In the end, I don't expect much from Rouleau. He's too tepid and in deference to the government, it feels. 

This was just entertainment. Without the kangaroos. And smoking monkeys. 

The government of Canada under the Liberal party crossed the Rubicon. They invoked an act that wasn't needed and froze bank accounts. They believe it worked like they 'believe' the 'vaccines' work. Magical thinking passing off as virtue and science.

It's all academic now and they know it. They won. They made clear they never cared about what the protest was about. They reject it was about the relevance or effectiveness of the mandates and kept referring to protestors as 'occupiers'. I suppose some were but the vast majority of people were indeed protestors and the historical record - honest accounts anyway - will show this. This government chose to dehumanize and divide and it worked. They should be proud. Score one for realpolitik.

I never believed Canada to be a 'nation'. A nation to me is what we see in Europe or even the USA. Blood and guts spilled to form an identity. We were given a country, like Australia, and act accordingly. Like colonials with cuff links. Freeland's empty 'raw raw' pep talks are exactly what you'd expect from a colonial mindset. You can't rally a people with apathetic impulses and fair-weather pride. This is why we obsessively brag about vapid political symbols like public health.

We're a country with all the bells, whistles and appearance of democracy but with inner core values or principles. We're just people living on a piece of land. 

Duddy Kravitz's grandfather would say to him a 'man with no land is a nobody'. On these words, Duddy killed himself to get a piece of land and when he showed his grandfather he got one, he learned the grandfather actually meant a man with no NATION to attach himself to is without identity. That is a man without a homeland is not a man.

Many of us feel that way now.

That's Canada ironically, and I don't think that occurred to Richler when he wrote that. Or maybe he did? I don't know. 

Or care.

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