Justin Did Engage In Hate Speech

Let's get something straight here.

The "Prime Minister" of Canada was the only one who engaged in actual dangerous and divisive hate speech. It's plain for all to see.

The repugnant rhetoric spewing from Justin's mouth was far more horrifying than whatever claims of racism made against some truckers could ever be. I wish there would be an investigation into this. 

Everyone and anyone who can't see this blatant unethical and immoral reality is part of the problem. 

There was no justification for the Emergencies Act. I'm hearing NOTHING in these hearings that back the government up. I'm seeing a lot of passive-aggressive bullshit from shysters like Paul Champ but little else. 

Hey, Champ. You look like an idiot with your mask charade. You do understand you're engaging in superstitious activity right? Moreover, the way you handle the mask assures it's filled with bacterial pathogens. You putting it back in your mouth is disgusting. 

Fools everywhere.


Yes, I'm aware of Oster's ridiculously sophomoric and tone-deaf request for amnesty. 

I'll respond when I get around to it.

Fools everywhere I say. 

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