About 'Democratic' Ukraine

Ukraine isn't a democracy. At best it's a quasi-democracy.

The fact that Zelensky outlawed 11 political parties proves this.

Russia is an oligarchic authoritarian state.

Yet, interestingly, Russia ranks ahead of the Ukraine on the Democracy Index.

Canada, meanwhile, saw its ranking fall. And it has been slowly dropping under the despotic Justin Trudeau.

I mention this because, throughout the public hearings, government ministers kept referring to Ukraine as a democracy. It formed the backbone of their narrative and how it fit into the trucker's convoy.

They keep framing it as though it's a 'democracy v. non-democracy' scenario when it's simply not the case.

As for NATO, a pointless organization Freeland is apparently tagged to lead, it's best to remember it was designed to be a DEFENSIVE alliance against Soviet aggression.

It has changed its posture to an aggressive one now.

And that's not a good thing for democracy.

Right up Chrissy's alley. 

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