Freeland's Testimony

I'm going to prepare a post about her disastrously comical testimony of lies later but just wanted to make a quick comment.

One, Freeland's 'esoteric' shtick and disingenuous croc tears  point to a guilty conscience in my view.

I will explain how her testimony made no sense and didn't support the facts. The government is simply spinning the narrative into another direction. This time about trade and saving the economy that was allegedly so precarious it needed an EMA to freeze bank accounts.

On its fact it's absurd and Rouleau would have to be a fool to believe it.

I think her focus on the economy is not only debatable - we have not heard actual evidence from what the Americans said. Just second hand sources from the testimonies of Ministers - but actually undermines her entire premise.

She claims she was worried about jobs and businesses.

Where were those tears for the thousands, heck, millions of Canadians who lost their jobs and careers due to the mandates?

It's clear it's the mandates that caused all this anxiety and nothing else. There would be no need to hatch a plan to force an EMA had it not been for these loathsome mandates.

This never seems to factor in their heads.

The mandates caused the friction created wholly by the government of Canada.

Freeland (holding back tears): "If I may be personal. On my way here I saved a puppy....and a kitten, fed a homeless man a McMuffin (with the money I saved from losing the Disney + channel), helped a little old lady crossed the street that was once blocked by the blockading blockeaded truckers.....and saved a pinky toe....I love Canadians so much. That's why we froze their accounts."

Me: "It's so nice for you to care, Ms. Freeland. Chrissy if I may? But when the vaccines were shown to have been ineffective against transmission and infection, should the government not have course corrected? Rather, you chose to double down on the cruel mandates to stick it to the truckers. This only emboldened and angered them more, no? Is this the 'esoteric' thinking that went into your decisions?

Freeland (straightens up). Um, I don't understand, um, your question. 

Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller was especially on the ball today having none of her antics. All of a sudden, Freeland had memory lapses like Frank Pengangeli. She didn't know who Lich, Marazzo and Daniel Buford were she alleged. Simply not plausible. This government keeps saying they follow the news and boy were they all in the news. Bulford in particular as part of the RCMP security detail team for the Prime Minister. So, yeh, she was lying. 

I'll stop here.

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