What Does A Dark Age Look Like?

You're looking at it.

You're witnessing it in real-time.


Just listen to the latest round of mask nonsense from Quebec and Ontario. The only two jurisdictions on the continent looking to get the government to mandate them again as if it's 2020.

Three years on and they continue to lie and refuse to look at the actual data about masks.

Hint: They do NOTHING.

Or just look at Justin's recent TikTok cringe-a-palooza. 

These are examples of a dark age.  

Masks are superstition while mRNA treatments are pseudoscience. 


During the public commission hearings on the EA, a Global Affairs Canada representative took the stand.

Her testimony was a train wreck in my view. 

Among other things, she kept claiming the convoy was engaging in 'illegal actions' while refusing to cite evidence deflecting that the question should be asked to others despite bringing it up herself. 

But the one that caught my ear was the consent that the protests were hurting Canada's reputation.

What reputation?

The country's reputation was already laying in tatters before the protest. 

It was already in poor standing and the EA just made it worse.

They just don't get that they hurt Canada's reputation with the over-zealous mandates. 

Never mind Justin's scandalous behaviour. 

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