Direct Action And A Spiritual Awakening Is Upon Us

 It was in March of 2020 I first heard about 'global vaccine passports from so-called 'conspiracy theorists'.

Turns our they were right all along about this - among many other things.

They warned Covid was just a cover to usher in a bio-medical security state and that this was all planned going back years if not decades. The clues and evidence was all plainly there to see. 

Around the same time I had would communicate with an acquaintance who was a paediatrician. He was screaming for 'vaccine passports'. So I knew this wasn't a conspiracy theory. It was already a concept among medical professionals. Doctors are the most authoritarian of all. 

Moreover, Bill Gates also was saying they would be needed to 'open up'. Here's dangerous Bill on vaccinations. His words. Not ours. 

So the vaccine propaganda was already laid down. 

But how to sell it?

Fear. And more fear. And still more fear to this day.

For a man-made virus that likely was purposely unleashed with symptoms and fatality figures similar to a flu.

The people bought it.


It sells. It works.

So fearful people became, so irrational, so incapable of sound perspective, they even accepted masks and other mandates.

The masters laughed. It's right out of a comic book:

"They're buying it, sir"

"A people with no dignity is not worth saving."

Your consent - coerced as it was - meant ethics and morals went out the window. If you agree people should lose their jobs for declining a medical procedure, this not only makes you unethical  - but immoral. See, it violates the human principle of 'my body is my temple'. Without medical autonomy, we become slaves to something. In this case, medical tyrants.

It's not complicated. Give your heads a shake. Look around. We're two years into the vaccine/mask combo surprise. Does any of it look like it was a success? If you pay close attention you may even realize it not only failed but was a catastrophic failure. 

This was not a triumph of science. It was a triumph of political science and corruption.

Think. Get out of your tribal visceral hate of the invisible enemy clouding your better senses. 

Now take a step back. Take a deep breath. 

The vaccines do not stop transmission.

Repeat it.

I said fricken repeat it.

What does that tell you?

It means mandates and the violation of medical rights are illegal and unethical.

It means the 'vaccines' do not work as promised. And yes, they did say it would end the pandemic by breaking the chain of transmission. They all said it. Including the feckless Prime Minister of Canada. 

If the truckers were engaged in 'illegal activities' as the government keeps laughably contending, what do their actions and rhetoric about the mRNA injections constitute? Are they not illegal activities as well? They simply lied. 

Not enough for you?

Well. We now know trials were never conducted for transmission. Despite what 'experts' are saying, these mRNA shots never went through proper clinical trials. Keyword 'proper'. In the traditional sense. Corners were cut. Mice were used. Small cohorts were observed. Manipulation of data happened. It's all in the Pfizer documents. And this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Connect the damn dots already. We've numbered them for you.

Wait. There's more. 

The 'vaccines' do not prevent infection. 

Oh, you say you knew that? That all along it you 'knew' the vaccines were just to reduce 'severe symptoms'. 

Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that.

No. You were fooled into 'take the shot, end the pandemic'.

Own it.

There is no proof. None whatsoever these shots are doing anything. Maybe for about 15 minutes, they did. But no longer. 

Officials know all this. They're just not telling you.

Just like they keep the truth about masks away from you. Again.

Count to three. Think.

Ever notice how they never wear masks when they're in their natural state? That is, away from the camera? Look at this internal memo from Alberta. It reads, in parts, like a Fauci leak. 

Do you feel like an idiot? You should. In 2020 you got a pass. In 2021, you deserve some pity. But now? In 2022? You deserve scorn. Why? For your insistence on wanting to remain ignorant and fearful.

To delude yourself into thinking the experts know what they're doing and that you're 'following the science'.

You're following scientism. Not science. You're willingly swallowing narratives and propaganda. 

How do you know you're being a moron?

If you repeat every single new phrase, you might be a moron. 'Safe and effective' and 'the benefits outweigh the risks' immediately spring to mind. 

If you believe 'fact checks' from 'fact checking' organizations who get funding from the very players in this scam, you're a moron.

If you read a study, like the Boston study being circulated, and ignore the massive conflicts of interest disclosed, you're a moron.

If you think your immune system is a 'battery charge', you're definitely a moron.

Because this is where they got you.

They have you on an endless conveyor belt of treatments (boosters) now. Just like the 'conspiracy theorists' warned in 2020. You know what they say. Conspiracy theorizing is just truth delayed.

We don't know what these brand-new experimental shots are doing. Any doctor telling you these are not 'experimental' is a liar and/or fool.

The fact we unleashed this product to billions without long-term data by its definition makes it an experiment.

And you consented to it.

Now you're trapped.

We're all trapped. Vaccinated or not.


It never was about public health.


I know. It's a lot to digest.

You wanted so badly to 'trust' that guy or gal on the TV.

But it's true.

They're just pawns and don't know it is all.

Or some are getting their splits at the end of the game.

So what is the point of this post after such an introduction?

Yesterday, it was announced that the G-20 and the WHO agreed to, among other things. a Covid global certificate passport system.  A gateway to 'digital ID' and 'social credit' hell. It's the 2030 Agenda. It all sounds nice until, well, Soylent Green!

It's probably nothing, right? Until....

"We remain committed to embedding a multisectoral One Health approach and enhancing global surveillance, including genomic surveillance..."

One size fits all do as we say. Think they will play by the rules? If this doesn't fill you with existential dread, well, you're dead inside. You never possessed agency or a soul to begin with. 

We've come full circle haven't we?

Triumph of science.

Remember the 'vaccines' don't stop transmission and hence can't 'protect granny'?

It didn't matter. We fucked you!

We got you right where we need you.

Remember when they said, the WEF is just a bunch of frat-house Davos partiers?

Why is Klaus Schwab in the middle of all this?

Ok, ok. I know. You're not seeing it.

Let me rephrase.

TWO unelected bodies - the WHO and WEF - are in control of YOUR MEDICAL HEALTH now.

Capisce? Or as we say here in North America, capeesh?

All because you thought taking the shot would save you a headache. In fact, it cost you way more than a headache that could be treated with a Tylenol or Advil.

We asked people to become CITIZENS. 

To defend and respect one another's rights.

To straighten their backs and examine what was being fed and told to us.

An erudite and stoic society is a strong and inquisitive one.

With your back straight, you're in a better position to defend and protect principles, morals and ethics.

Instead, what we got were slumped shoulders and bad posture. With it came laziness.

We had no confidence to examine the situation and question authority.

We went from semi-free citizens straight to serfs; slaves if you will.

I don't know if they will be able to pull this off. Seems like a big task. Again, it rests on YOU.

We can thwart this. We can once and for all send a message that we draw the line at the bio-medical surveillance state which is not designed to protect public health.

It's designed to make you slaves to unelected international bodies and organizations like the World Health Organization and the people who fund it - like Bill Gates.

This is not a conspiracy. It's actually happening in real-time. How we interpret these developments is another matter. We can easily overreact to it and this is where researching properly becomes crucial. 

There is indeed a lot of information out there that can be misleading. It's your job to siphon through the junk.

There are experts out there who are honest and tell the truth. Find them.

I try to help here. 

But who am I?

Try Substack. It's a treasure trove of excellent information and minds.

It's time for you to wake up.


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