We're Ruled By Lying Psychopaths Who Spread Disinformation; We Know Who They Are

 Forbes. September 2020:

     "What would a normal vaccine trial look like?

Prevention of infection must be a critical endpoint. Any vaccine trial should include regular antigen testing every three days to test contagiousness to pick up early signs of infection and PCR testing once a week to confirm infection by SARS-CoV-2 test the ability of the vaccines to stave off infection.

Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines. In fact, their endpoints all require confirmed infections and all those they will include in the analysis for success, the only difference being the severity of symptoms between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Measuring differences amongst only those infected by SARS-CoV-2 underscores the implicit conclusion that the vaccines are not expected to prevent infection, only modify symptoms of those infected."

Didn't tell you that, huh?

We did though.

Instead, they said, 'Take the shot, end the pandemic."

People still think this and that the virus swirls because a handful of people chose to decline the mRNA lie.

They read through it. You didn't.

You should be angry.


Know why? Because they continue to abuse, bully, and LIE. 

Their spins are so out of control that none of it makes any sense. One infectious disease doctor from McGill - let's call him Don Vinh - arrogantly proclaimed you take the shots until you don't need it like antibiotics.

I'd rather deal with a used car salesman. At least I only lose money wth him.

With the experts, your health is in jeopardy and your dignity challenged.

Oh. It was never meant to stop transmission! Just prevent infection!


Ok, they lower 'severe disease'!

Ok, chump.

Ask yourself this, if you get Covid how do you know? 

You don't.

That's the power of the propaganda - DISINFORMATION.


They lied to you. There's no way they didn't know this early on.

Even Deborah Birx, Madame Lockdown Lunatic, admitted this in her book of strange admissions. It reads like she's repenting in parts. 'Go easy on me with the lashing!'

Always remember one key statistic that was in your face you should have heeded before downloading the passport app and listening and trusting assholes like Labos, Legault, Bombardier, Dube, Patrick Lagace, Josee Legautl, Don Vinh and everyone else who supported this vile tool of social engineering including Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, David Fisman, Kieran Moore, and Peter Juni (who is employed at Oxford now fuckijng shit up there with his incompetence), Heather Mallick, Diane Francis, The Montreal Gazette, CTV News, Ottawa Citizen, Global News and everyone in between the rotten crevices of stupidity and still many others to numerous to name here including ultimately provincial health Ministers, Theresa Tam and Justin Trudeau, that the 95% effective claim was the absolute risk ratio (ARR). the overall survival rate always was around 99.985%. Your immune system was already telling you to calm down. How does a man-made product (for a virus created n a lab I might add) supplant God's immune system? It can't - and never will. The relative risk (RRR) which is the more accurate figure was 1%-3% effective. Yes, re-read that. That's why as time goes on, it enters negative efficacy and the propaganda demands you get boosted comparing your body to a dirty battery. 

Vaccines are a lie. All of them. Come to terms with it.

It's imperative that you understand they destroyed the civil order dividing Canadians along medical status lines culminating into the invocation of the Emergencies Act. It's easy to scoff at the truckers for their 'sanctimonious' rhetoric. But the reality is mandates were coerced on the premise everyone must take a medical procedure (in many cases against their will) even though the government likely knew they were not going to work. And the media danced and cackled like witches alongside these crimes against humanity. People lost their jobs over this. You can't overstate the depravity of what we did.

You should be appalled and horrified at what they've done.

The smart ones shut their mouths once it became obvious the 'vaccines' were a catastrophic failure.

Ask yourself this.

If the mRNA does none of what's claimed. And that they wane after a few months and you have to keep taking them like a treatment increasing the risk/reward/benefits/risk calculus and odds against you with each passing shot and given the facts above....

How in the world could it have saved '20 million lives'?


It didn't.

Now they want health certificate passports. They want to pump all kinds of vaccines into you. Flu, Fentanyl, whatever. It's a financial bonanza. The more they sell, the more McGill gets from Bill Gates. The media gaslights you and solicits 'expert' advice from the same pool of corrupted pseudoscience.

Civilizations of the past often cut down business leaders who got too big for their societies be it a tribe, Kingdom or city-state. Bill Gates and George Soros are two men who should be at the top of the list to confiscate their fortunes.


Because their behind every single vile project known to man. Soros purposely rigs elections in an effort to weaken democracies to profit off them. Gates is working on various forced vaccination schemes including micro-chips and Q-dots, 'Morality pills' to induce compliance and supported by bio-ethicists, and even climate change scams and schemes like blocking the sun which the Biden administration is set to attempt.

These people are going to destroy the human species. They're so blinded by hubris, they think they can control and defeat Mother Nature.

So deluded in their arrogance, it's not a surprise they will always scream for masks. They won't stop.

Only when you show you are strong, free and fearless will they back down.

This time, however, it won't be enough.

We will need to make an example of them.

Justice we want.

And we want real justice.

For the sake of humanity and our future.

Say no to the bio-security medical tyranny they're creating.

You can start by one simple step: BE AWARE.

Once aware, you stop repeating their jargon to informed people.

You sound and look like an idiot saying, 'wear a mask' to (insert whatever nonsense here).

You sound and look like an idiot repeating their cynically crafted lies.


The power really is in your hands. 

You can engage in direct action too.

The National Citizen's Inquiry is one way.

Get involved.


Shake the walls.

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