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  "No risk it, no biscuit. You can't live scared." His former quarterback in Arizona, Carson Palmer, says, "You play for him, you see he just has guts. He will let it rip, let it fly no matter what."

For the attentive, we see how many celebrities, entertainers and athletes have been sidelined at an astonishing rate. It manifested itself in concerts and tours being cancelled, early retirements due to long-term injuries, and sadly, deaths.

I don't cover this here (if you want to keep tab head over to Mark Crispin Miller's Substack), but as a former sports junkie, the case of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians caught my eye.

Particularly the above quote.

Apparently, Arians was what we could describe as 'hysterical' about the threat Covid posed.

So he pushed hard for his team to get vaccinated and proudly declared this.

Which makes the quote fascinating.

If I understand it right, his risk-reward assessment seems to be backward.

Taking an experimental mRNA injection on the premise that it's 'better than nothing' because you simply don't want to catch Covid therefore you're showing courage is faulty in my view.

It's the opposite. 

Not being scared is precisely why you should have declined the shot given there was absolutely zero information about it except for the flapping gums of government authority figures and academic experts.

Blind trust ain't courage. It's running scared.

And they put living fear in people in order to soften them up to line up and take these low-quality and dangerous products that in the end didn't live up to the hype and promises. 

Arians is right. 

You can't live in fear.

Just not for the reasons he thinks.

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