Thoughts On Freeland's Testimony

Want to get out my thoughts on Chrystia 'Chrissy' Freeland before Justin Trudeau takes the stand and shits all over it.

I stand by Canada is run by emotional buffoons and Freeland embodies this characterization. 

How's that for coming out swinging like Mike Tyson?

Freehand, skillful pearl clutches that she is, laid it on thick with the economic threat to Canada posed by the blockades, particularly on the Ambassador's Bridge. While questioned by the government, Freeland was in lecture mode giving her 'esoteric' (even tearing up talking about how emotional she was caring so much for Canadians) thoughts like a soliloquy. Chrystia wanted you to know she was a deep thinker.

The more she spoke, the less you saw a spiritual and philosophical person and the more you saw just another calculating and controlling politician.

Under cross-examination, she suddenly lost memory and wasn't so 'profound' (a word she used a lot along with 'um'). She claimed to not be a public health expert but said the 'vaccine' mandates worked. She claims to not be an intelligence expert but put into evidence she jotted down in confusing handwriting that the truckers needed to be designated as terrorists. This apparently came at the behest of CEO's of banks in order to 'act quickly'.

They all needed to 'act quickly'. 'Acting quickly' is a euphemism for ignoring and rewriting laws on the fly.  Or like how 'fast developing' is a euphemism for 'we made up our minds'.

Much like how the unaccountable and lawless CPSO does when they pounce on a doctor they want to crush. 

Chrystia obliged. The law trailed the events as Chrystia put it. For such a deep thinker, she would know this is the very nature of law. It moves at the organic pace of human events dictated by human laws and nature. Politics generally understood this quirk in human affairs and adjusted. After all, many over the years have been lawyers.

But a new attitude is afoot. A generation of politicians who view laws, constitutions, charters etc. as suggestions if not quaint pieces of paper too antiquated for the fast pace world they operate in. In other words, they're above the law.

They not only acted accordingly but said so in their testimonies.

And made no apologies for it. 

Remind me who threatens democracy again?

Freeland's tactic was to depict the protestors as a direct and real threat to the Canadian economy. While there's no doubt the impacts were immediately felt in Windsor, it's not easy to see how that would have played out across the country. She focused on the compromised 'supply chains'. Suddenly, the Canadian government - as Algabra attested- was concerned for it and Canadian jobs. The 'supply chains' had long been in jeopardy. 

The Canadian Trucker's Alliance voiced concern that as many as 24 000 truckers were going to be removed from transport due to the mandates. When this was brought up, she said she followed the data of the experts. Except, you know, not the actual truckers. No, Chrystia prefers the expertise of the academic parasite class who produce nothing and offer little. Except to come up with bad models and find ways to mess things up.

Chrystia absurdly retorted that 90% of truckers were vaccinated and that didn't matter in a manner of speaking. But it flies in the face of her 'supply chain' concerns because the transport fleet was already in a difficult position, to begin with, and could ill-afford to lose so many truckers. I speak to truckers all the time, and her assertions were weak, especially considering they had been working throughout the pandemic (sitting in their trucks upon deliveries) since 2020. In other words, it was government action that closed the borders to solo drivers thus exacerbating the supply chains. This a classic example of the government making things worse. 

In any event, Would have been nice if they showed such concern - ahem - for the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Canadians who lost their jobs and careers due to mandates.  

Freeland's account of the precariousness of the Canadian economy was so thick and dramatic that it made you wonder if we're a one-trick pony economy. It, well, sounded so colonial. A, well, banana republic economy. We're, after all, a banana republic political entity at the moment. Changing laws, I remind, on the fly to fit a narrative is the very manner in which a banana republic under a dictator or despot operates. 

She was 'heartbroken when a "Canadian Bank CEO told her the "Government is a “Banana Republic. I won't invest another red cent in your banana republic in Canada”

If it quacks like a duck....

So she responded like a tin-pot despotic minion would do. Give the banks a list of 'mischievous makers'. This is one interesting twist of irony. During her activist days as a Ukrainian nationalist fighting against the Soviet Union, the Soviets referred to her as a 'trouble-maker'. No doubt she was the label proud.

Esoteric, n'est pas?

Freeland spent some time discussing her exchanges with the Americans. Keep in mind, the Biden administration is a pseudo-Mafia outfit busy making sure it allows the Department of Defense this mRNA experiment on the population. They're busy creating a perpetual state of emergency (as Colorado just did) while maintaining EUA's to keep the flow of injections going. So you're not going to get good governance advice or information from the Americans at the moment.

She discussed about how the deal with electric vehicles - I'm willing to bet EVs aren't going to be the main mode of transportation in the future - is key to her 'green transition' plan. The same vehicles, it should be noted. depend on several key components that need oil in order to extract. The government plans to have a battery manufacturing plant in Ontario. How very green. Go read how lithium batteries are made. She mentioned EVs because her goal was to show the protestors threatened this fantastic economic plan that Canada absolutely depended on. In her feisty 'fight' for Canadian interests, she told the Americans Canada wasn't looking for a free ride. Except it's still American technology. They just want to get to put a 'Made in Canada' sticker on it.

So.... a free ride by other means. But whatever.

The threat to our economic well-being was likely overstated as I've stressed. They needed to get the EMA invoked. They had to show they were tough and in the process sneak in some permanent features into legislation. Never let a good crisp go to waste.

I would love to read the Cabinet minutes. I can just imagine the shit show of genius sprouting off the mouths of their flapping heads.

The mandates are the poison. Not the protestors. Or as they say with contempt right down to even a disinformation runner like Katie Telford, 'occupiers'.

I kept looking for the witch's broomstick behind her. Her cool stance on uttering such phrases was chilling.

On hypotheticals. Every Minister charged they don't deal in hypotheticals. Except their entire premise rests on....a hypothetical. 

That is, the situation was so 'volatile' (Lametti is still shaking I hear) and about to explode in blood and violence; a powder keg ready to blow them to the moon they had to 'preemptively strike'. For Canada.

Preferably with tanks as Lametti and Mendocino 'joked'.

But Freeland, being a deeply introspective individual, testified they warned everyone. If you don't go home, we're prepared to block your mortgage payments.

You know, incentives. 

To Chrystia, abhorrent coercive actions like freezing bank accounts and vaccine mandates are 'incentives'.

"We had to find a way to bring it to an end'. So we ended the mandates. Oops. Better to freeze bank accounts." /wipes tears.

Just to recap. The protests came against the backdrop of the Canadian government fighting for 'democracy' in Ukraine (and as a good Ukrainian nationalist Chrissy helped herself to a good dose of Putin ranting. Know what Chrissy? Say what you want, Putin - heck, Trump for that matter, never froze bank accounts. You may think it was a 'measured' and 'proportional' response but sound minds endowed with a sense of ethics know it was not)  and working on a green transition through which critical deals with electric cars with the United States. 

Excuses to use the EMA. This was a carefully manufactured narrative being performed on stage in real-time. Freeland made for tragic theatre. 

The EMA = protecting jobs. Martial Law is needed to protect jobs, eh? Who knew?! Oh well, Trudeau 'saved jobs' by flouting the rule of law in the SNC-Lavalin case thus setting the tone of this government's approach ultimately manifesting in using the most aggressive 'tool' (a word they sure love) in the 'toolbox'.

Not sure who the flathead was. Chrissy or Justin. But we do know they all love hammers.

There was no mention at all of the mandates and concerns of actual Canadians. Freeland expressed profound appreciation for 'bonding' with lawyers and Canadians over the matter of protecting the economy, empathy for protestors and their cries to be listened to? Not so much. 

Freeland plays favorite with her children.

Freedom Corps. lawyer Brendan Miller got Freeland to admit the mandates were to force people to take the vaccine. Her tone and body language suggested this was an appropriate position for a government to undertake. 

When it was put to her people related to the protestors but not part of the protests had their bank accounts frozen nonetheless, she essentially shrugged her shoulders. You could almost hear her want to say, 'don't be related to criminals. We warned them. Too bad, too sad'. Like her colleagues, they claim this wasn't the intent but for such an 'esoteric' person she didn't consider 'unintended consequences?

Doesn't anyone read Bastiat anymore? Anyone?

We got a glimpse into the arrogant mindset of Freeland in her exchanges with someone named Flavio who was, I believe, a contact in the auto industry.

When he attempted to point out the mandates were causing the problem, she made clear it wasn't his place to say so. Opinions are bad with masters, understand? 

She just wanted to hear how bad the situation was so she could freeze bank accounts.

In fact, I posit and submit, based on their own words, they didn't care. It wasn't even up for discussion that at the root of all the mayhem in the civil order and 'supply chain' problem were the futile, cruel, vindictive mandates not rooted in science or data. 

Bottom line?

This is a government that played favourites. It was willing to dehumanize a segment of the population to get what it wanted.

Onto Justin Trudeau.

Please respond to my compassionate incentives. 

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