Carbon Taxing To "Stop Climate Change" Drives Food Prices Up

Wondering why your food costs so much?

If you said, Putin go to the back of the class.

If you concluded carbon taxes, you have a functional critical thinking brain.

I'll let you all sit and think why carbon taxes - like any tax - are regressive. 

You will pay more and it won't do anything against climate change.

And what do the geniuses in Quebec want to do? They're considering imposing a Km/hr tax! I can't even begin to dissect the utter stupidity of this plan. But leave it to an empty, unprincipled shill and whore for McKinsey Francois Legault to think this a good idea. Tokebecicitte as they say.

Indeed. We're in Quebec. Somewhere well past Kansas. 

Not that they even know what 'climate change' is. So. What happens if we enter a cooling stage as the NYT recently dared publish, are they going to shift their plan of attack?

See how this plays? How where it can potentially go?

Global warming! Carbon tax! By the way, humans are made up of....anyone?.....CARBON!

This feeds more into the idea that the mRNA experimental program of the U.S. military is a depopulation program.

If carbon is bad and we're made up of carbon.....

Time to realize you were LIED to about everything from Covid to climate change.

There's too much smoke around all this. 

These people know jack shit about what they're talking about. They're just collecting record numbers of grants and profits off your fears.

What will it take to realize these people are not your friends, don't want to be in it together with you and couldn't care less about you and your family.

Read Oster's plea for amnesty. If that doesn't scream sociopathy I don't know what to tell you.

The credentialed classes are catastrophic bust.

Useless really.

Long story short. Carbon tax = $6 romaine lettuce. 

Wake up, Sally and George.


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