The Monsters In The Government Of Canada's Head

What I'm learning during the public inquiry is that the Canadian government thinks like a parochial, banana republic. 

It had been decided long before any intelligence gathering was considered, the government had decided they want to invoke the Emergencies Act and acted accordingly. In fact, they had prepared legislation to extend it into the future. Case in point, Freeland making the ability to freeze bank accounts permanent. 

Today I heard David Vigeneault's testimony.

From what I can tell, he confirmed there was no real threat but still suggest the Emergencies Act was necessary to quell the protest even though he also testified he wasn't an Emergencies Act expert. What permitted Vigneault to make this 'recommendation' is that there was despite no evidence of threats to national security, they permitted themselves a 'broad interpretation' of the CSIS Act.

We call this stretching the law to fit a narrative. And that's all this government did from top to stinking bottom. In "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations" there was a line by author David Landes that never left me. 'Injustice perceived is injustice felt'.

Welcome to Canadian law and justice.

Brendan Miller is trying to get at the truth. The only way is to ask uncomfortable questions and he's prying but meeting with resistance. 

The whole system seems incapable of grasping the severity of their own actions based on the foolish premise of applying some sort of distorted version of the precautionary principle to thwart any threats - which I repeat didn't exist - national security. 

Hence, horns and parking violations made the cut on what constitutes a threat though their 'broad intrerpretioan'.

The entire public inquiry has been a shit show showcasing the fact that confused, incompetent and foolish people are in charge in this country.

If I could summarize this mess in pictures it would be the following:

Here we have Calvin Ball where Calvin & Hobbes play a game that allows for rule changes on the fly.

'Broad interpretation', 'racist' hence BAD TRUCKERS! 


The other part that infuriates me is the government's constant citing of January 6 as if it had any bearing on anything. Two assumptions are made that are not supported by facts. Despite the pony show trials by Democrats, Trump never supported or called for any storming of Capitol Hill. Footage and his tweets lay this to rest. The other is that while things got out of hand, it was not an insurrection in the classic definition of the term. Police, recall, were waving people in for crying out loud.  And it also neglects the fact there had been incidences of 'occupation' in the Texas and Wisconsin legislatures during the Women's and BLM protests. That was democracy in action though.

And let's not forget AOC shamelessly inserted herself into the proceedings claiming her life was in danger. Even though it was discovered she never was actually on Capitol Hill.

The hearings continue but I've seen enough to get the gist of how the brain - and soul-  of this bureaucracy functions. 

And it ain't impressive. 

The enemy has presented itself.

It is us.

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