Danielle Smith Is Taking Out The Garbage

Channeling her inner De Santis (a Navy Seal who graduated cum laude from Harvard. Nice try Covidians trying to attack this guy), Smith is reforming Alberta health. 

She's a God send.

The latest? She fired the AHS board. Though I'm not familiar with how things work there (I believe it's a private entity), I did enjoy reading about how in shock the board was.

Karma's a bitch, eh?


The same culture of people who thought it was justified to destroy people's lives by allowing them or at least consenting to vaccine mandates that led to job loss, are now losing their own damn paychecks.

How does it feel folks?



In this case here, I'm all Old Testament.

Eye for an eye and all that.

Voglio vendetta.

Down to the man and woman who had a hand in this social disorder. 

Time to take out the garbage indeed. 

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