Quick Comment On The Public Hearings

To those principled and astute enough capable of reading the proceedings and testimonials while further exploring the world of 'between the lines', know that this government wanted to invoke the act and made up shit to make it happen.

This is the tone I decode from the testimonials of people like Sabia, Laemtti and Algabra.

They all made sure to express their personal fears and to characterize the truckers as 'occupiers'. They all didn't seem to know precisely what the grievances were nor did they express they cared to know.

Because, in my view, it was pre-planned to invoke the Act. I bet that if we had access to the Cabinet minutes that's what it would show.

This government invents words (Algabra kept using the word 'blockaders') and narratives like it does laws.

The very definition of a banana republic.

The lack of wisdom, empathy and accountability on their part is unfortunate, disheartening and sad.

This government crossed a Rubicon they don't seem to be aware of.

Worse, or care.

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