More On Portland

*Scratches Portland off places to visit.

We like to visit different spots in America but I gotta say, the left-wing nut jobs running Washington and Oregon aren't gonna be one of them.

Here's what a city looks like run by Woke SJW creeps:

How in the world the media lets this disgusting bunch of assholes in Antifa get away with this is absurd beyond belief.

They harp on and on about 'white supremacists' and yet all you have to do is go to youtube (and Liveleak) and punch in 'Antifa violence' and you see a steady stream of disturbing behaviour from that terror group.

The other obscenity is they often get misdeamnours or not faced with serious criminal charges.

This is how you lose your city quick.

Wheeler indeed needs to resign.

Now look up San Francisco and 'homeless tents' and 'shit and piss in street.'

And they want to stop Trump from being elected?


It's not Trump the problem.

It's the far left maniacs running the cities.

As an aside, Trudeau is basically in the Wheeler mould.

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