The Stupendous Shocking Ignorance And Stupidity Of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (And Her Defenders)

Just when you thought you can't think of anything dumber she can possibly utter, she comes up with this:

"This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis"

That this idiot never actually read a history book is painfully obvious. To those of us who do and are students of history, this is an affront to our collective understanding of what happened in WWII.

And the arrogance of her doubling down leaves me to just accept she wants to wallow in an illiberal world of abject ignorance so long as she gets to rage at the machine.

Of course, make a preposterous and patently false analogy and claim the response to be 'hyperbole' is her tiresome shtick but rebut we must lest she corrodes minds.

"You have to be really stupid to take me literal!"

"And for the shrieking Republicans who don’t know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps. Concentration camps are considered by experts as “the mass detention of civilians without trial. And that’s exactly what this administration is doing.

No, Alexandria you twat (twits are those of you who think she's right. The reaction is strong enough. Your ignorance is inexcusable. Calling what's going on at the U.S. border 'concentration camps' is wrong.

And really, there's one reason why it is. The German Nazi government was singling out, rounding up and throwing jails without trial into concentration camps as a conduit to killing them and committing mass genocide.

Or the camps in Soviet Russia for that matter but by using the term 'never again' she implies she's referring to the Holocaust.


Buchenwald was one of the first and the largest of the concentration camps within Germany's 1937 borders. Many actual or suspected communists were among the first internees. 
Prisoners from all over Europe and the Soviet Union—Jews, Poles and other Slavs, the mentally ill and physically disabled, political prisoners, Romani people, Freemasons, criminals, homosexuals, and prisoners of war—worked primarily as forced labor in local armaments factories. The insufficient food and poor conditions, as well as deliberate executions, led to 56,000 deaths at Buchenwald of the 250,000 prisoners who passed through the camp. The camp gained notoriety when it was liberated by the United States Army in 1945; Allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower visited one of its subcamps.
From 1945 to 1950, the camp was used by the Soviet occupation authorities as an internment camp, NKVD special camp Nr. 2.  Between August 1945 and the dissolution on March 1, 1950, 28,455 prisoners, including 1,000 women, were held by the Soviet Union at Buchenwald. A total of 7,113 people died in Special Camp Number 2, according to the Soviet records. They were buried in mass graves in the woods surrounding the camp. Their relatives did not receive any notification of their deaths.

Now try and tell me it's the same as what's going on the U.S./Mexico border. I fucken dare you.

In order for your assertion to be accurate, the United States would be guilty of singling out and rounding up migrants and throwing them in a concentration camp in order to kill them.

How people freely running and gunning for the U.S. border makes America the bad guy is beyond comprehension. And troubling. It's troubling because little Marxists like Alexandria are purposefully poisoning the well for political expediency and contributes to the widening gap of what is true and fake. I also missed the part where the Americans are using them as slave labor.

Moreover, the Nazis didn't try to save lives like Customs and border agents try. To suggest these men and women helping to keep the borders secure somehow are part of a concentration camp - all to stick to Trump it should be noted. As if this wasn't happening under past administrations. If she cares so much then give him the money he wants because part of it is for humanitarian use. The Democrats have refused to budge because it's likely they like to use this story to pretend Trump is Literally Hitler   - is beyond the pale.

Best part? Unlike a real concentration camp, they're free to leave.

This tart would have been better off comparing it to the internment camps we had in both Canada and the U.S., for Japanese, Italian, German and Ukrainian citizens. But it still would have been wrong.

If you can't see the intellectual degeneracy of your position put this way, then you're just an anti-American miseducated sophist of the worst kind.

She makes my blood curl and boil.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a disgusting human being for this insinuation.

I despise her.



The semantics regarding the definition of a concentration camp on display by various people is astounding.

One guy said 'if people are concentrated in one camp' then it's a 'concentration camp'. Another argued concentration camps lead to 'death camps'.

Nothing of the sort will happen because as noted above the Americans aren't maliciously and illegally rounding people up. People are basically crashing the border and they can't be processed fast enough.

They're not doing so on U.S. soil and they're not doing it in Mexico. Call it whatever you want (detention centres, temporary processing centres whatever) but concentration camps as they've come to be understood, they're fucking not.

Asking people to pretend the Nazis and Soviets didn't run concentration camps is absurd.

Ostensibly there are similarities but there isn't. Defending this point actually does a disservice to the people trying to do their jobs to protect their nation.

All this politicization of this word (and AOC knew damn well what she was doing when she invoked) is driven by the left's hate of Trump. Simple as that.

I'll leave it to cooler heads to investigate what's actually happening.

Chris Hayes is right. Mike Godwin - unless he actually visited the sites as most Democrat politicians haven't - is wrong. Hayes is the sensible one while Godwin Godwinned himself and lent himself to hyperbole.

I'm greatly troubled that words like these and 'genocide' no longer have common meaning and understanding. My take on them don't coincide with what I've been reading from people defending AOC.

Very disappointing stuff.


These semantics games defending her makes me think that they'd defend her and Sanders assertion that a 27% interest rate on a $500 credit card purchase would result in a $136 extra charge.

They'd say, if I understand progthink correctly, 'well, technically she's right! It would be $136 in total for the year!'Assuming they knew it was an APR.

Except that's not what they meant. They said, $136 for the month (hence giving the impression it would be $136 x 12). So you'd get a 'AOC is technically right!'

They're doing the same thing here.

They take a term that has come to be known and understood as a place of nothing but darkness and evil as perpetuated by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia (as it was taught during my years of history studies in university. I think we had more moral clarity back then it looks like), and then ask people to forget that part and stick to the actual definition of the term (while asking you to further suspend belief into thinking there are no illegal aliens) to support their assertion there are concentration camps  set up by the USA. Worse, they seem to imply if Americans are okay with it, they're like Germans who were indifferent which eventually led to death camps.

They're further not telling you what actually happened in those camps. I provided a glimpse up top.

That's one mighty looonnnnnggggg dubious assertion man.

It got where I started reading scholars again concentration camps in Germany were encouraged by the USA. That's when it's time to get off the ride.

And they say Alex Jones is nuts.

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