Justice And Decency Prevails In Gibson Bakery Case

Gibson Bakery - a community institution - was awarded $33 million (and possibly as much as $44 million) in punitive damages in their lawsuit against Oberlin College. Props to the jury on this decision.

This is a great day for all things sane and decent. Which means, the liberal media ignored it. Disgraceful fake news punks that they are.

Oberlin's behaviour was shameful and shameless throughout. 

They robbed the Gibson's of peace and prosperity for nearly three years by their bull shit SJW bullying. That's something no amount of money can ever replace in terms of trauma. And I believe it was by design. Remember, to the left, the process is worse than the punishment. This is a cold, calculating Saul Alinsky tactic.

Sadly, Oberlin is not getting the message and is doubling down. They're completely wrong and irrational. Intellectually and morally. It's astonishing that the President - Carmen Twillie Anbar - still thinks there's a fight in this. Being defiant for its own sake is immature and grotesque for such an institution. 

“We will take the time we need to thoughtfully consider the course that is in Oberlin’s best interests.”

You should have thought of this before you allowed the school to participate in such a mean-spirited protest rooted in lies. This is true wisdom and leadership. You did wrong by those students.

Instead, you encouraged them to rabidly attack a family run establishment that did no wrong.

How you can possibly think you're in the right is beyond the pale.

You care about its interests? Settle, apologize and shut up. The quicker you own up to it, the quicker people will forgive and eventually forget. That's the only option here. 

You don't get to try and destroy an innocent business and then pretend you're the victim. This is dishonourable behaviour. That you plan to extend this is incredibly irresponsible and blows my mind how the board hasn't asked for your resignation given this letter.

Quick added comments.

Oberlin's defense lawyers made the incredibly arrogant comment that the bakery wasn't worth more than $35 000. I don't know what the monetary value is, but the fact it's been around since 18fucken85 suggests its worth and value to the community goes beyond money. This lawyer could only wish he'd have such a legacy. 

Projection. This is yet another case of it it looks like.

I don't know who is more foolish. Oberlin or Evergreen. 

What is it with the left and their hate for bakeries and their attempt to destroy their lives anyway?

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