Bizarre Political Ads From Engage Canada Appear During Toronto Raptors Games

There I was, flipping channels paying some attention to the Raptors (Guys. Call a time out with 15 seconds to go and draw up a play. Stop playing front the arc when not necessary. All you needed was a 2 pt. jumper and you'd probably be champions today) when these laughably idiotic ads began to pollute my screen from some outfit called Engage Canada.

Engage. Resist. Fight for Democracy. These slogans from the left are so lame and tiresome I find it hard to believe they're effective.

Mind you, as McKenna Climate Barbie candidly revealed to Canadians while tipsy in Newfoundland,  all you need to do is keep hammering and repeating a lie and people (inattentive ones anyway) will eventually just believe it.

So why not keeping telling people they 'fight fascists' and 'climate change' and whatever?

That's how much contempt the modern left and Liberals and the left have for Canadians.

Anyway. I did a cursory research on who they are and wasn't surprised to find out they seem to be, essentially, a partisan attack outfit banked and backed by big union.

They also claim to be - surprise - non-partisan. Except they don't seem to know what it means.

Don't be conservative. Be a Liberal led by an illiberal, ideological, corrupted, hypocritical, remedial, spoiled brat.

Can Canadians advertising be more entertaining please?

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