Man Assaults Women Unfortunately Gets Probation

More baffling judicial decisions out of Canada.

Jordan Hunt (aka Cuck Norris) the man who kicked a pro-life woman (and also almost through another onto oncoming traffic) got no jail time but probation for his cowardly and recklessly dangerous and violent behaviour.

Gee, I wonder what would have happened if a conservative kicked a pro-choice woman what would have happened? Not that it would probably happen. Contrary to the lies in the media, the right aren't anywhere near as willing to be violent as the left.

I absolutely do believe there's a double standard at play here.

For the love of God, you have people saying throwing milkshakes at conservatives is not enough! One idiot in England joked battery acid should be used instead.

Yet, no crackdown on her Twitter.

If that guy hit my daughter that way and the judge rendered such a verdict, I promise that wouldn't be the end of that.

Smarten up Ontario already.

Hunt should be in prison.

Good run down here showing the double standard is real.

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