Canada Continues Psychologically Terrorizing Citizens

As Canada continues to levy some of the most restrictive measures in North America (for once can Canada ever be a leader in anything? More on this in a minute), legal action has sprung into action. 

Hopefully those decisions fall in favour of the people as they have in several places in Europe and states in the U.S..

There's no question Quebec and Canada not only run afoul of our own Charter but UN conventions as well.

And my fellow Canadians. It had to be done because the government is not signalling they're going to pivot. 15 days to flatten the curve was a lie. If you can't see this after 11 months, get your eyes, ears and brain checked.

It's unfortunate that we have to regain our rights the government is going to secure. The big problem is the unintended consequences of all these measures will having lasting psychological impacts on citizens.

It's not a conspiracy to understand fear is indeed a deliberate part of the game plan. Leaked documents in Germany revealed fear was to be deployed in order to control the population. 

Government - a place that's supposed to represent the people and protect its rights - is a hostile actor against its own people.

It's not in the public interest because if it was we'd have inquiries into the nursing home scandals in Ontario and Quebec. All this is ostensibly done to protect the elderly and vulnerable yet until now no one ever cared about this demographic and by not calling an inquiry they only cement their hypocrisy. This is not about 'saving lives'.

We've done everything we've could to do so. We've frayed and fractured the social and economic order as well as assaulted children. Deaths are in statistically negligible territory now.

This virus will possibly always claim some lives - mostly the weak and frail - and it's unclear as to what level of deaths is considered acceptable to the government as they're too bust moving goal posts. Now with deaths indeed so low it's impossible to keep the fear narrative going, they've found another boogeyman with the variants. But notice they're already saying it's not likely to be deadly but....it will lead to infections. Notice the cycle of medical sophistry at play designed to keep us in this hysteria?

More fear equals more expansionary powers for the state.

Moving forward I wish to see:

An inquiry into nursing homes.

The re-establishment of accepted pandemic protocols prior to this hysteria.

All involved in promulgated this hysteria to be investigated for potential crimes against humanity.

We need to wrestle the medical tyranny diktats from unelected officials and demand and command public leaders to act with honourable dignity in the face of adversity. 

This is what Canadians are acting like fools over social distancing and masking themselves out of a life: 

Currently Infected Patients
32,209 (98%)
in Mild Condition

594 (2%)
Serious or Critical


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