Twitter Steps Up Shutting Conservative Accounts For Mid-Terms

But this vile, racist, piece of shit who actually preaches hate is still around.

How is Louis Farrakhan and his morally bankrupted and degenerate Nation of Islam still up?

Answer that Dorsey you ignorant and illiterate jerk off.

Americans need to send a message hard and good: Do not vote a single Democrat because doing so would signal a) violence is accepted - remember it's all projection and b) censorship is a tool that works.

If it weren't for violence and censorship, the left where would the progressive left be?

Notice also, and I will hopefully touch on this shortly, how they're purposely reworking and lying about history.

Don't be a useful idiot to these clowns.

And don't think for one minute this isn't about the mid-terms because it is.

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  1. "...they're purposely reworking and lying about history."

    If what a person remembers about a major event that happened during their lifetime doesn't quite fit in with what's in the textbooks will they blame it on "Mandela effect"?


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