Time To Put A Bullet In The Simpsons

I don't know what's going on with me lately but I'm really making a mess of my posts. I had to pull this one out because I had originally posted in on the wrong blog. Thinking I copy pasted the whole thing properly, I realized I only pasted half of it and could not make sense of anything.


Well, the left managed to sink its sick and psychopathic teeth into The Simpsons.

One of the most beloved characters in the history of the show will be no more.

It's one thing to kill off a character as part of a natural evolution within a show's existence but this wasn't the case here.

Some asshole jerk off took offense to the 'stereotypes' depicted with Apu and it caused the usual bull shit faux-outrage angst among retarded left-wing progressives.

Just as stunning and equally troubling was Hank Azaria playing the lousy 'compassionate' card and agreeing with it.

What a damn shame this sad, sordid state of affairs.

I haven't watched The Simpsons in over 20 years mostly because it began to lose its intelligent edge in the late 90s. By the time the originals (Simon, Brooks and others) had left, it lost its 'mysterious' genius.

Now it's just a 'zombie' program probably infested by no-humor illiterates and politically correct louts.

Fuck that.

And they're full of gutless shit whoever runs that show because apparently Groundskeeper Willie and Fat Tony remain on the roster.

Scots and Italians rejoice!

Sure. Kill off Apu.

But it's also time to kill off The Simpsons.


They're committing one of the worst things you can do: NEVER APOLOGIZE OR GIVE INTO SHIT DISTURBING PROGRESSIVES WHO COMPLAIN.



I mentioned Fat Tony. Here's the thing about ignoramuses like the guy who made the video about Apu.

He's saying a lousy, stupid animated character has the power to influence how people view a culture.

That culture being India. App > India is the equation.

In essence, a deep, rich culture that runs thousands of years is too weak to sustain the 'stereotypes' in Apu.

This is what it amounts to. Indians, in my view, shouldn't be insulted by Apu. They should be insulted by the people who claim to protect them in their name.

I don't see anything wrong in Apu. I never looked at him and concluded this is how all Indians are. Man, if we'd think like that guy, Russell Peters would have no act and we'd all be poorer for it.

In fact, as an Italian, I think Fat Tony could be perceived to be more problematic given he's, you know, a frickin mobster with little of redeeming qualities we have come to see with Apu.

But don't expect Captain Shithead (whatever his name is) to think in such a way.

It's the same beef I have with Quebec linguistic nationalists. In their search to slay dragons perceived to threaten French, they go over board from demanding English signs drop apostrophes to bemoaning English corporate trademarks entering our market. Little descriptors aren't going to protect your language. If you think this, then you have bigger problems.

Is French and its speakers that weak an entity that it feels threaten by the word 'pasta'?


Congratulations. He managed to pull it off.

Take a bow Groening for giving into him.


What do I think about Roseanne?

Along the same lines. I don't think her original tweet was particularly racist and it most certainly was overblown. What else is new? Say something and expect the howls of fake moral outrage to ensue.

Just like the weak ass hams at The Simpsons, Barr was thrown under the bus by people who owe their damn careers to her.

Worse among them being Sarah Gilbert.

It was a soft coup. They saw a chance to steal a lifetime's work from someone and they did.

It's the same crap with Papa John's board looking for a hostile take over of the company. John Schnatter is a ruthless racist who has no business running the company he built.

The interesting part in all this is the left pretends to preach about forgiveness but that's not part of their world view. They're too evil to accept forgiveness.


They want power. And when they smell blood they want to drink it.

They will just as soon destroy a life or steal something if it means they seize control.

People like Barr and Schnatter are victims of a regressive progressive scourge that's currently ravaging civil order particularly where free speech is concerned.

Unfortunately, until power is wrestled away from the left in mediums like media, academia and Hollywood (where the vast majority of people vote left - and no they're not tolerant and objective. If you think this you need for your head to be examined) this will continue. Corporations are laggards here and will virtue signal and go woke just to toe the line because, you know, greedy capitalists and they need to stay in line.

We're on our own kids.


How bad is it?

Here you go.

Courtesy of of SQLite.

Background here.

Notice the troubling, passive aggressive nature of a SJW.

Right. Conservative 'are just as bad'.


If that doesn't send shivers down your spine...


  1. Someone who was REALLY progressive (by literal definition) would be for advancing and improving everything around them, NOT returning everything to some dogmatic Inquisitional puritanical past facsimile of a social climate.

  2. I'm none-too-keen on any kind of dogma or of putting "personal feelings" ahead of other priorities
    ...that sort of thing tends to make any attempt at transparency difficult to hazardous. If, when honestly expressing or displaying your thoughts, feelings or attitudes, whatever you say or do is "inappropriate", "disturbing" or "offensive" you're forced to assume a position of self-repression for your own protection.

    Frankly, I think there are already too many things the world insists on being clandestine about as it is
    ...and then, if you or I are caught in a lie they go ballistic and there goes our credibility as we "can't be trusted"---in a world routinely run by corruption and deception
    ...but try to be honest or candid and we wind up being "inappropriate" or "too graphic" or "offensive" ....


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