Europe Is Lost On Liberty

First off, between the MAGA bomber and Pittsburgh Synagogue killer (may the victims rest in peace), it's time politicians and pundits truly knock it off with the politicization of everything.

My blog has made its peace where I think the blame largely lies especially since 2016.

It's time people realize these criminal acts aren't necessarily based on ideology. They use ideology as a pre-text in most cases to mask their inner demons and mental illness.

Maybe it's time people just step outside their tribal instincts and look at it from this perspective.


Europe is in bad shape. I mean really fucked up shape.

Apparently, defaming Mohammed isn't free speech.

But I'm sure making fun of Jesus is okay.

Never mind the troubling rise of anti-semitism on the continent.

Jews again are under attack but we're out there acting like Muslims are a victim class.

Pretty ghoulish if you ask me.


Don't get caught up in all that 'Trump's rhetoric' bull shit being pimped by liars like Michael Moore and musicians like Roger Waters. Why in the world he'd let his hubris weaponize his art is beyond me.

Arrogant fool.

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