When Ideological Professors Strike

Far left remedial professors strike at University of the Fraser Valley.

It's outrageous that university's are populated by such inferior intellectual minds. Pay close attention to her shtick. It's astonishing in its horrendously ideological logic. Her attitude and understanding of free speech is superficial at best and dangerous at worst.

She was absolutely trying to shut down this person and was clearly out of her intellectual depth when challenged. She knew damn well what she was doing it becomes obvious but she had to keep to her obtuse, left-wing ideological incoherence.

The sloppy sophistry on display makes it difficult to listen to as well. She claims it's not about free speech but obliterates her own argument when she makes a plea the student should 'think before speaking'. It's absofuckenlutely about free speech. She then provides a poor,  extreme example (surprise!) the KKK don't engage in free speech because it's hate. Erm, no. They do have a right to free speech. It's inconsequential what your feelings about it is. They just have a right to it. You don't like it, you debate it. Or you move on. Society is pretty good at marginalizing inappropriate opinions anyway. The KKK, Nazis - whatever - are extreme cases and are unfair and emotional tactics used by the left to try and equivocate a simple opinion to them.

It's a cheap, city trick by cheap dirty minds.

I love how she tried to spin this into the girl being a problem when it's the school who decided to interrogate her gulag style. 'Why do you have these ideas and why are you expressing them in class?'

They put her on the defensive and then ask her why she's being defensive. It's classic bullying tactics.

All Britton and Norman (I can't bring myself to consider them professors) tried to do is shut her down. Simple as that.

It's quite amazing such pathetic people roam the halls of academia.

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