Fake News Propaganda: Proud Boys Aren't White Supremacists

Lord, this is getting tiresome.

But problematic if not troubling if not dangerous.

It's one thing for everyday ignorant asshats too lazy to learn anything about the people they denigrate and quite another when public officials get in on the stupid act.

Enter NYC Public Advocacy Letitia James:

"Here is my statement following the violent attacks perpetrated by the “Proud Boys" white nationalist group in NYC last night:

Oh shut up you opportunist. Get off your lazy ass and go actually explore who Proud Boys are. They're not my cup of tea but they absolutely are not fricken 'white supremacists'. I listen to McInness from time to time because he's entertaining and does bring up good points on touchy subjects. One thing he ain't is a racist. His wife is Native American for the love of God.

But this is all part of the corporate, left-wing media machine, isn't it? Trump, after all, is the Grand Wizard sitting in The White House. These idiots actually believe this. The definition of 'racism' is so loose now, almost anyone qualifies as one. They can straight out fuck off.

Yes, I'm no longer holding any punches and calling these lying buffoons out. 

Andrew 'America was never so great, nuh-uh' Cuomo also go in on the shit show calling for an investigation.

Where are these assholes when Antifa is going off destroying public property and beating up people? Their own damn website says violence is needed to fight 'fascists' (whoever they are). 

Proud Boys, on the other hand, never call for violence and aren't even racist. They constantly get attacked wherever they go. 

The problem is PB are more than capable of defending themselves and dish out some beatings.

In other words, Antifa comes looking for a fight  and they find it. Then turn round cry like the little cowardly babies they are and moronic public officials like this woman jump to their sorry ass defence.

Oh, by the way, it was Antifa protestors who were arrested. Not because NYPD is incompetent or 'side' with Proud Boys. They were arrested because they were causing the trouble. They're the ones who caused destruction of property. Proud Boys never engages in breaking of any damn laws.

Like they do across the board in many jurisdictions. My advice remains the same: Don't listen to these fools and stay away from the media's take on these things. Go to the straight to the source and listen to Proud Boys. It's not like they're hard to find on youtube.

That is, if the censorious louts at youtube don't shut them down for hurting feelings.

And fuck you for making me defend Proud Boys and Trump.

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  1. You don't admire the city of Portland Oregon for their "innovative experiment in alternative methods of traffic control" in which it engages the free services of select civilian factions so as to free up the police so they can tend to more critical matters, or do away with the necessity for traffic signals which use up energy resources that can be either conserved or better used for other functions?
    Brilliant concept: The exploitation of anarchists.


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