Wendy Mesley Channels Her Inner Cathy Newman

Boy, the progressive left passing off as 'centrists' and journalists pretending to be 'objective' sure hate people crashing their 'control the narrative' party.

And this will not be tolerated. It's getting to be quite predictable in their reaction.

Just like climate change animus-zealots have taken to calling anyone who disagrees with them 'social murderers' or committing acts of 'genocide' for merely being skeptical, the political progressive-liberal loony bin call those who challenge their ideological orthodoxy as 'racist' or 'alt-right'. You will have noticed a spike in 'the rise of extreme alt-right groups is a threat to democracy' in the mainstream press.

Yeah. Don't believe it.

Especially since it doesn't pass the eye test. We don't see too many examples - if any - of 'far right fascists' taking to the streets to beat people up or destroy property. Charlottesville is often cited but that episode would have been a non-issue had the media just ignored it. They and the protestors had as much to blowing that out of proportion as the group who had a right to assemble.

People do realize 'racist' groups have been congregating for decades right? The KKK does have an office so why this was made into a national hysteria is unfortunate and a young lady lost her life in the process.

In any event, I bring this up because Mesley mentions it in her 'hit piece' interview with Bernier. Her shtick was simple: Try to connect Bernier as much as you could, without supporting evidence and simple guilt by association, to racists.

Bernier, it should be noted, had been a respected member of the Conservative party for years. Suddenly, like Trump, he's labeled a racist.

We're all racists now apparently.

Here's the video. I offer my quick observations afterward.

Oof. How's that for a hatchet job? And we get to pay for it through our tax dollars!


-Mesley, almost to bizarre autistic levels, focuses on the Koch brothers. The left are obsessed with the Kochs for other than espousing a libertarian world view - which of course negates any good they do. Would she harangue a left-wing politician for Soros (sugar daddy to ThinkProgress and MoveOn.org. The left have not heeded their own words since Trump's election ) and other billionaire progressive activists like Tom Steyer? No, because I've literally never seen them do it.

-Race. Notice Wendy's specious claim that Ron Paul (intellectual Godfather of the Tea Party? Wendy clearly doesn't follow American politics as closely as she should if she's going to make those claims  The libertarian wing of the GOP led by the likes of Massie, Marsh and Rand Paul are not aligned with the TP) was hijacked by the Tea Party (who by the way, contrary to the left-wing narrative are NOT bad. Imagine the nerve of those people for gathering by the tens of thousands and picking up after themselves and with little incident! OWS on the other hand....) and attracted 'bigoted' people. 

That's projection in my view. Look at the history of the Democrat party and its relations to race. Now look at the GOP - a true rebel party founded on ending slavery. And no, they did not 'switch sides' that's the progressive left revisionist narrative. High ranking racists remained in the DNC right up until Paul Byrd - good friends with the Clintons I might add. 

-Bernier, like Trump, emerged because people aren't stupid and were just a wee-bit tired of being demonized. Hilary called half the population 'deplorables' and she's out there talking about 'civility'. People see this hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. 

They see what's happening. Like for example, the Clinton/Obama machine was knee deep in sleazy corruption (weaponizing all parts of American governance like the DOJ, IRS and NSA), up here Canadians like me have grown concerned by the bizarre behaviour of the Liberal party that seems to be way too ideological (think the gender pronoun and anti-Islamophobia laws which directly impact freedom of expression and opinion. And yes, AMERICAN LIBERTARIANS are 100% correct: There's no such thing as 'hate speech'. Just speech for once you let the bureaucracy 'regulate' speech, you eventually have none at all. Geez, just look at the UK to see how this plays out. 

-On free market principles. There is no debating it's free market capitalism that made the West the healthiest and most prosperous region in world history and is currently pulling more and more people out of poverty. Scandinavia, contrary to popular belief, is more market oriented than socialist. Denmark's own PM felt compelled to make this distinction in a speech while Norway is largely funded by oil. Not very progressive that oil, no?

Rather than concern themselves with the rise of left-wing illiterate populists like Sanders (and others like Ocasio-Cortez who are a growing power base in the DNC) who espouse outrageous socialist views that have led to gulags and death throughout history, the CBC wants to make a villain of a guy who supports free markets? 

HORRORS! I guess I shouldn't set foot in the CBC. They'd think me Attila the Hun wrapped up in Pol Pot's skin. 

Maybe that's why they don't have the guts to privatize. They probably wouldn't get support from a free market where consumers would vote with their pocket books. I suppose they're happy with the little monopolistic. branch-plant kingdom Canada has become in banking, telecom and dairy. No wonder we're terrified of a TRUE free trade deal with the Americans. We'd have to actually compete.

I normally don't bother but the fact my money goes into the CBC and this kind of wretched reporting is increasingly making me thirsty. 

It's stale and boring. Go read American publications on free market principles like Reason magazine. There's a much more vibrant, open and honest intellectual raging in that great country. Meanwhile, we have to watch Canada's Cathy Newman pretend to be a hard hitting journalist getting at and to the 'truth'.

Defunding the CBC would only be fair to those of us who don't listen or read it. I can't believe my tax dollars went into this pathetic display of nonsense. Wendy was more concerned at trying to trip Bernier up with typical progressive misdirection and straw man logic rather than genuinely explore his views.

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