Daily Derp: 6ht Encounter of The Wavederp Kind

Here's how some European MP's scolded Justin like I've never seen a Western leader be scolded and lectured. He apparently had the audacity and gall to attack the Freedom Convoy. He also declared his trip a 'success'. In his mind.

That boy ain't right as they say. How much longer can he deny realist? It's kinda discomforting how he's able to pretend like this. 



Here's how the Canadian media covered this embarrassing moment in Canadian history. The mystery is WHY does the media protect such a foul and clear menace to Canadian democracy? And this includes the National Post - though it has it's moments. The Toronto Sun are on the ball reporting Justin as he ought to be and what he is.

I know the bribe is one thing but it's now unnerving. 


The White House - and soon the Canadian government - are acting with complete unscientific recklessness with little support from the scientific community in pushing forward with 4th etc. boosters. 

We're officially entering another phase in the greatest medical crime in history. And it's showing no signs of abating as politics is in complete control of this monstrous catastrophe run by monstrous people.

Biden, Trudeau, Tam, Fauci - and the NDP and Bloc. Monsters for continuing this dangerous charade.

The mandates are HURTING more people than saving them.

I stand by that I will do my part in never letting this go. I'm now in the fight and will NEVER forgive this government for what it did and I will seek and demand justice. 


I've mentioned Dr. Ralph Baric on and off since 2020 and wondered why he's been able to elude scrutiny for his role in gain of function research. 

Seems to me this quack-genius is every bit the trouble maker as Fauci, Collins and Daszak. I think these are your Fanatical-Farcical Four that need to be hauled in for questioning. They need to tell the public everything they know and if need be - confess.


The Viral Delusion.

As readers (ahem) here know, I've been highly critical of epidemiologist who have swayed and strayed waaaaaaaaaayyyyy out of their lanes during the pandemic to the point I've come to despise them. Infectious disease doctors are on par.

Virologists are slightly better and haven't been as vocal in their arrogance but I could be wrong. Immunologists have been far more responsible. Most of the TV dinner experts out there peddling charlatan takes in support of futile and damaging measures have been epidemiologists. 


Excess deaths in the USA in context.



"...There will be no repudiation of lockdowns, masking, and vaccine coercion for a generation or more. Millions of people across the world will now demand their governments respond in this way to every future pandemic threat. The institutional framework and legal understandings necessary to satisfy this demand is in place everywhere. Politicians and pandemicists know how much is possible, they know how much the people will put up with, and the next time they will push beyond even these boundaries.

What I call the ‚pandemic industry‘ has been massively expanded. SARS-related coronaviruses, and SARS-2 specifically, will remain a a focal point of research around the world for a long time, probably for the rest of our lives. That means more lab leaks, harsher responses to milder threats, and constant pressure across academia and the bureaucracy for new laws and new emergency powers.

The politicians, federal, provincial down to city councils have all shown Canadians what a bunch of criminals we have with many low IQs and allegiances to the global masters. I had no idea things were as bad as they are and wish we could do a “ Great Reset” on their sorry asses and either jail them in solitary confinement like Pastor Artur Pawlowski is enduring or arrange for them to meet the ultimate judge for true justice. Hell awaits many of them for the hell they are unleashing on humanity."


Canadian science for the win!

The say New Zealand has a lotta sheep. Canada has more. Canadian think being obedient is a virtue. There isn't a piece of propaganda they don't swallow whole. Can't be like those squirrelly Americans. Ah but our best flock to America leaving the dullards behind. Ironic how Covid turned peacekeeping loving Canadians (who vaulted this pride to insufferable levels like our second rate public health system) into belligerent neocons going to fight the Slavic Slayer. False virtue and faux-rigtheousness practiced by such a gullible and naive bunch is a toxic mix. It has turned this place into a bastion of pseudo-collectivism, self-loathing hate for freedom and vaccine gulags. /looks at brochures for New Hampshire.


And our court system has proven to be nothing but a hollowed out entity inhabited with people who just happen to wear black robes playing the part of judges. It has no legitimacy anymore in my eyes. It consistently rejects its duty to uphold the Charter and BOR on the specious premise it's not the job of the courts to 'challenge the legislature'. The justice system in Canada is a complete and total fraud. I have no trust the legal or medical systems anymore. It's been a dramatic and traumatic revelation to realize Canada is one big land of smug, obedient, gullible and naive cowards. No country loves masks more than Canada. It's truly unnerving. 

Yes, what we've done to First Nations (and all Justin that little snivelling criminal could offer is his salty, useless tears) and Japanese-Canadians (as well as Italian-Canadians who also faced confiscation, curfews and placed in camps - though in smaller numbers) adds to the fraud of Canada.


Former Helsinki Committee member tells of Israel becoming a playground for Pfizer.


Why vaccine mandates cause more harm than good (also titled as 'Duh). March 31.


Dr. Joel Hirschorn with Zuby's podcast discussing 'Pandemic Blunder.'


Judicial Watch diligently but slowly unravelling Fauci's antics.


An opinion on Covid from the Russian angle.


It's the rate of change stupid. 


Stuff not releases because it would be misinterpreted. 

70% of infections at the CDC among the vaccinated.


This covers everything I've said and argued here these past two years.


A couple of things on Ukraine.

One from Greenwald. 

Another from Consortium News. 

My little town of 8000 is flying the Ukraine flag. 

Someone had to go buy that flag. 

And the sheep keep sleeping. 


We have lots of problems in Canada. I argue the country be put under trustee.


And some thing tangental to the Russia story via Bretton woods.

Quote of the day:

"....iditos....." T.C.


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