No, It's Not Normal

There have been an odd number of odd deaths recently. 

My daughter's best friend's mother died while on vacation with her daughter. 49 years-old. Healthy. Triple vaccinated.

We await Rafael Nadal's diagnosis.

Now the drummer of Foo Fighters died.

There has been a long list of 'mysterious' deaths and now articles don't even bother to disclose cause of death. 

And this is just a couple of example of what is hundreds of sudden deaths of young people feeling ill or dying.

Pfizer's original released documents showed a high death rate which was completely ignored by the media. I think that needs to be looked at critically again by those who refuse to accept the possibility the vaccines are indeed dangerous. 

I won't go further here but something is definitely off. 

I'm monitoring insurance companies and actuarial data.

We'll see.

But if this keeps, people like Vanden Bossche and Cliff High (and others) may be proven right. Is this really a 'death shot'?


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