Experts "Confused" About Africa

Experts are confused how Covid isn't ravaging Africa especially since they don't have the magically awesome experimental vaccine to save them. 

Oh come on now. Skippy from McGill and Frick from CTV and Frack from the Ontario Science Table tell us that's different! They're younger! Africa has different, you know, stuff.

And Sa-weeeden is an outlier! So regardless of how good things are in Africa, Africans need to VACCINATE now! We in the West have ordained it to be so because we're the West and the West is the best and never wrong. Ever.

/Africa begins to vaccinate. Cases shoot up. Average Western 'expert' strokes chin. 'Hm. That's odd. It's morphing into a super giant killer variant. VACCINATE S'MORE!'

No one is sure why because a) they pretend to know anything and b) wasted all their stupid energy believing the vaccines were gonna solve all their problems and continue to find excuses for it. We barely understand how influenza behaves and affects humans so it's no surprise germ chasing epidemiologists and other wearisome experts don't understand. 

Go figure it out on your own time and leave Africa alone. You did enough damage peddling medical products on behalf of Pfizer.

Is Peter Juni gone yet?


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