Canada Is NOT An Enlightened Democracy

Canada built itself a strong reputation as a democratic nation dedicated to the cause of human rights particularly in the post-war era.

It has done so despite some black marks on its history. Up until 2020 I accepted those blemishes or marks under the premise no nation is perfect and holds similar moments of regret.

Two of the most infamous moments of course is the continued mistreatment of First Nations (Residential schools and living standards) and the internments of Japanese, Italian (and German and Ukrainian) Canadians during World War II under Mackenzie Lyon King of the Liberal party. 

When push came to shove, we believed, Canada would always respect sovereign individual rights even with its eye on the collective.

But Covid has completely obliterated the notion of civil liberties in Canada. The country has foregone the legitimate right to speak of such issues for the time being under the malicious hate filled hypocritical Justin Trudeau. 

Canada talks a good game internationally but does not act according to its rhetoric domestically.

Vaccine mandates continue to discriminate against millions of Canadians and this is simply unacceptable given the science - remember that? Ha! - does NOT support punitive measures on this scale. The courts have shown themselves to be cowards in refusing to uphold the rights of Canadians as PROTECTED by the Charter and Bill of Rights. Choosing to abstain from any decisions 'challenging the legislature'.

Like I said. Cowards. The judiciary, I thought, was supposed to be bulwark against the encroachment on our rights. 

This demands repeated mentioning. We are preventing law abiding Canadians who exercised their right (and free will) to not take a medical procedure from leaving the country even for places that do not require proof of vaccination. They're not even allowed to show negative proof. No recognization of natural immunity either. I hear it often said, and this grates my loins, you're free to decline but that's the price. 

Which only further cements my assertion we're not an enlightened society but a cruel one. The vaccines are not sterilizing and therefore do not halt transmission. Healthy, unvaccinated people (especially those who recovered from the virus) pose little to no threat whatsoever. Yet, too many people believe we all remain vectors of death.

Unenlightened AND irrational.

That's the result of unimpeded and persistent fear racing through the minds of all with the fury of the bubonic plague. 

Another victim claimed by the Covid fear machine. 

Canada showed itself incapable of any courage. It's going to take a generation or two - if ever - to repair the psychological and physical damage to the civl order as well as the economy. 

All directly due to failed leadership from top to bottom. And I blame, ultimately, the PEOPLE for this catastrophe. Refusing to evolve at all, it has settled into a life of Stockholm Syndrome always squawking 'it's too soon' to remove measures never grasping it will always be 'too soon'.

There will never be a good time to lift mandates. Most countries have realizing this. Canada, as has become customary, is a laggard on this front. A punitive laggard at that.

-Internment camps.

-First Nations.

-Vaccine mandates.

In just 120 years (since the 1900s), Canada has already three black marks on it.

This is not an enlightened  democracy.

It's a democracy of dullards.

Canadians are a proud bunch.

I don't see why,


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