Daily Derp: Canada Holding Firm At #1 As Top Derp Nation

Canada really is in the shitter as it bans RT News. 

CBC, BBC, CNN and MSNBC. That's fine though. 


When you isolate, censors and silent free speech of any kind under misguided notions of 'disinformation' (as if we don't engage in such crap), the truth is suppressed or at least gets harder to reach. 

This then creates an atmosphere of paranoid ignorance fermenting insufferable self-righteous indignation and false virtue. It reduces all complex and nuanced issues to simpleton calculus like 'Ukraine good, Putin bad'. We just went through two years of this with Covid.


They're baaaaack! Notice Fauci is back on Fake News generators like CNN talking about more surges. Here, the criminals are already talking 6th waves.....in the late summer. They don't want let go of their control.

Waves. Cycles. Pandemics. Endemic. Seasonal. Whatever. They're all clueless and useless.

If you're a doctor and still resisting treatments you're a criminal at this point.

Don't buy the fear mongering. You did your part.

They will try and extort your all over again.

HOLD THE FUCKING LINE. Don't be manipulated into being fooled.


Here's a good example of this. What makes this situation a little more worrisome is the screams for blood for anyone going against the collective narrative is coming from politicians as well. 

No one here is getting out alive. Remember this. We're in a very bad place in the West at the moment. 


Good interview with an investigative journalist Patrick Lancaster. Of course, you can only get this from places like Infowars when we really should be getting this from the mainstream media. Alas, I dream of unicorns too.


We're normalizing the atrocities of Nazis just to make a cheap political point against Putin. 

No. Putin is not on the level of Hitler and never will be. 

And it's worth reminding the United States has done a lot of damage in the last 15 years (minus the four under Trump) with their attacks in places like Yemen, Syria and Libya. And Russia has not undertaken two massive invasions on the scale of Afghanistan and Iraq either. The U.S. also engages in drone killings without due process. I don't seem to recall anyone calling Obama a ruthless killer. 

Or sanctions against the United States. 

One example of shocking ignorance came by way of a former Ambassador professor Michael McFaul who had no idea Hitler committed mass atrocities (Maddow in her usual shameless propagandist ignorance claimed Hitler never killed ethnic Germans) only to remover his Tweet thanking people for giving him reading material.

Let's take a look at McFaul's bio and credentials shall we?

  • Director, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
  • Ken Olivier and Angela Nomellini Professor of International Studies, Department of Political Science
  • Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

And he didn't know about Hitler's reign of atrocities and terror?

These people are in positions of power and influence. 


I'll be expanding on this serious moral and intellectual malaise in another post shortly. It needs immediate attention.


Hopefully, something good comes out of this. Specifically, Trudeau is tossed on his ass.

What he did with the Emergencies Act can't be swept aside flippantly. 

It gets to the heart of the integrity of our freedoms and democracy.


Nazi elements in Ukraine. 


One fake Nazi here, people panic and Justin invokes the Emergencies Act. But Nazi's in the Ukraine army with Chrystia Freeland having held a flag-scarf of one of those factions....A-OTAY!


Pfizer shot protected less than 2 in 10 kids. 

That's less than an 80% failures rate for a 'vaccine' that was supposed to have '91%' effective for kids and a demographic where their immune system provided 100% protection.

Makes total fucking sense.

A band of total criminals and psychopaths pharma and health officials.


Flawed PCR tests fuelled panic.


UK's SAGE admits their models were at odds with REALITY.


PHAC's models were just as useless.

The incompetence and cowardice is staggering.

We need either to close agencies or massively reform them.


But not as long as we have morons like Justin and Biden in power. Biden named Jha as his Covid Czar and brought Collins back into the fold. These two fools continue to hold stale and failed positions from 2020! 

What a disaster.


Spike protein gets in the blood. The question is how much damage can it do at what dose?


A paragraph I saw from Dr. Mercola (Public Enemy #1):

"Sunetra Gupta, what we’ve seen over the past two years is an “inversion of the schedule of uncertainty.” Doubt was cast on things that were certain, while certainty was claimed for things we had no clue about. Decision makers chose to do the very things we knew, for certain, would cause harm. They inverted the precautionary principle to minimize harm, and chose to maximize harm instead."

I put this here because Gupta is a highly poetic and interesting scientist and is one of the signatories of The Great Barrington Declaration.


How the government plays.

All lies. Most of it.

The public trust is broken. The perception of our courts doling out justice is broken too.


Yeh. Them mRNA vaccines.


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