Be Aware; Be Sharp


Even perceptive. 

Be careful about what you're reading in the mainstream press.

Let's use a simple process here.

There are elements of Nazi extremism in the Ukraine army. While it's difficult to ascertain to what degree, the fact is there's enough of a dedicated branch in its ranks. It's also worth noting this does not mean Ukrainians support them. It's just part and parcel in a complicated situation in a complex country.

Nonetheless, all it takes is a small outfit to make serious trouble. Where Western media is reporting the Russians are bombing hospitals and theatres, investigative reporting tell otherwise and caution against such assertions. 

In fact, it's possible these may be false flags. And this is exactly in the Nazi wheelhouse as Nazi Germany teaches. So it's not a stretch at all Ukrainian Nazis are doing the bombing and attacking in order to draw NATO (that is, the United States) into the war.

This is the same media that lied about Russian collusion, Smollet, Ferguson, and Covington - among other high profile stories. Remember the Hunter Biden laptop story that was censored potentially protecting Joe Biden's Presidential bid in November 2020? Remember how Twitter banned the New York Post and how MSM ignored or 'fact-checked' the story saying it was not true? That is was 'disinformation'?

Yeh well. The coast is clear and the New York Times pulled a 'wink' move saying it was all true. Greenwald takes it from here.

Now pay close attention to how social media and corporate media respond to the rising reality that the vaccines are increasing morality as insurance companies are now releasing data. They don't want you seeing things develop in real time. 

They will throttle the information.

And then when it's safe and the damage is done, will report the truth.

It's worth keeping an eye on the death of Lousville's Vaccine coordinator Dr. Sarahbeth Hartlage. A big proponent of the vaccines and mandates as well as for children died suddenly at the age of 36.


Back to Ukraine.

Failed Mayoral candidate Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly - who has absolutely no business holding this portfolio. She is wholly unqualified and embarrassingly ignorant to be given such a delicate and complex task -  boastfully said with an aura of false confidence that the West was going to 'suffocate' Russia. While it's likely Russia will suffer in the near term as Putin admitted in s speech, don't think Europe won't feel pain either.

Russia is a commodities giant and what it sells, Europe needs. Bad. 

North America stopping oil and gas and other Russian items (like vodka which aren't even bottled in Russia but here) will have a marginal impact on Russia. Russian oil and gas only represent 1.2% of its exports. Hey, did you hear Biden is going to reopen the oil and gas taps? This kind of incompetence rolling over into malfeasance must not be ignored. I digress.

Anyway. Europe needs Russia just as much if not more Russia needs them. Russia is already setting up an alliance with China to weaponize the dollar. 

We simply do not have the brain power to deal with this. Johnson, Trudeau and Biden aren't gonna cut it. Just like Putin's attacks are playing into the hands of Nazi extremists, Western leaders are poised to make a bad situation worse with their inane and vapid blathering. Zelensky and the West are going to match Putin on the irresponsible scale. 

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes:

Name the President that imprisoned the leader of the opposition party, stacked the courts, banned opposition media, empowered secret police & armed units against his people, and whose country made top 10 lists in corruption in the world? Putin? Nope. That answer is Zelensky. 


How it works.

1) People and media tell truth running against the narrative.

2) MSM/Social media shut it down. 

3) 'Fact checkers' get to work to 'debunk' accurate story. Often wording their fact check in a sea of confusion that in reality doesn't actually prove the story wrong.

4) Attack. 

5) Admit story was 'accurate' all along.


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