History Warns And Cautions; Justins' Projections

We're living in a time where blind virtue rages in people's minds and souls.

We're two years into a Covid response catastrophe that saw authorities take unprecedented measures without fact or basis in science. Odd that in 2019 all the collective knowledge and experience gathered in the previous decades dictated and culminated into concluding avoiding lockdowns and focus protection while applying sound overall public policy to protect overall public health was the wise and intelligent way to handle epidemics and pandemics.

Then. Poof. Out of nowhere and without much reason that was ignored and forgotten in 2020. Without debate, consultations, or commissions it was determined lockdowns and mandates were the way to go.

Who were these people and how could they be so utterly ignorant and foolish?

The cure has become worse than the disease. Worse still, we've angered millions of people. How can it not? We stole their lives; their jobs and their dignity by denying them the right to medical autonomy and informed consent.

'No one forced you' is a popular refrain from the self-centred normie class but to someone who is observing this with a sharper wit with an eye on human nature understands that while there were no 'official' mandates people were extorted into it. They were forced to choose between their jobs or a medical procedure. They were also denied access to 'privileges'. 

This amounts to the same thing as force. Only with far greater implications.

Take away people's free will and you have a esoteric and spiritual problem and this is where we are.

This is a good way to radicalize people or turn them into 'extremists'.

Upon the conclusion of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles all but assured part two. In purposely humiliating Germany with debilitating reparations, France and England (who weren't exactly innocent in the roles for creating the conditions for war) radicalized a nation to the point of unwittingly creating Adolf Hitler to which the population was ready to follow. 

We're repeating the same thing with Russia and the sanctions. 

You don't make the people pay for the actions of its government. In extending boycotts and sanctions in the form of denying services to average Russians, you risk radicalizing them. Putin already has strong support in Russia. By our actions, we foster an 'under siege mentality' among Russians.

And that's not good with all the talk about nuclear arms and calls for public assassinations being levied. Both sides are acting insanely irresponsible. 

In the end, demonizing and dehumanizing people you merely disagree with will become a self-fulfilling property whereby REAL radicals and extremists will emerge. 

When that happens, get out of the way.


In hist usual stupid and arrogant way, Justin attempted to explain his disgusting dictatorial move by saying he had to do it because the Conservatives are so 'toxic'.

This is a prime example of what I wrote above.

There is no leader in the Western world that has proven to be more divisive and toxic than Justin Trudeau.

Everything he does is based on driving a wedge between people and when he isn't spewing hate speech his actions further add to the fragmentation of Canada.

He is by far the most dangerous Prime Minister in history.

And the NDP are allowing it to happen.

When it comes to Justin it's all projection.

This isn't a leader.

It's an ideologue and a fraud. 


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