Quebec Elections

It's not looking good for the anti-Legault forces.

All indications point to not only a majority but a bigger majority than he won last time out.

Imagine that.

Let's give a guy who has proven to be a) a cocky asswipe b) hopelessly without an original thought when it came to the pandemic response leaning instead on a crony private consulting firm like McKinsey to do his work because he lacks balls and courage and c) a tad too comfortable with his tyrannical impulses MORE POWER.

The average Quebecer has fooled themselves into the 'given the circumstances, he did the best he could and was no worse than any leader'.

I argue he was.

Quebec went overboard with its measures and now that the CAQ has had a taste of what tyranny looks like, they're going to govern accordingly.

This is a party without scruples or values.

All it knows is pure, naked power.

And its leader is a cynical manipulator of power.

Legault's measures not only ruined live, it cost lives. He didn't save jack shit.

Alas, we're a minority of a minority who see through this nonsense.

Tomorrow, barring an epic unseen turn of events, we will have another four years of mediocrity and cronyism. 

Contiunuons. On the path to hell.

Good luck to the Conservative party of Quebec.

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