Winter Is Coming

Do you see Francois Boss Hogg Legault preparing the fucken hospitals? 

Do you see any kind of plan?

Do you see any original thoughts coming from the tiresome mouths of our dear experts and the fucken College Mafia des Medicins?

THREE FUCKEN YEARS and they did jack shit. But they will ask YOU to stay home to protect a second-rate public health system filled with vaccine cultists. 

But he got his fucken useless majority in this piss hole place didn't he?

All we're gonna get is more of the same failed and cynical futile calls for more masks and perhaps passports.

THREE YEARS and that's all they've got.

If this doesn't scream incomprehensible and unacceptable incompetent stupidity what does?

Quebec is second rare and its people are okay with that given Monday's election.

Let's keep fracturing the civil order. 



Meanwhile, in Florida they keep impressing as they now do not recommend the shots for the 0-40 age group. Florida = rational. California and (Quebec) = irrational.

De Santis > Legault. And it's not even a contest.

De Santis doesn't need McKinsey. He's his own man.

Legault is a slut to the highest bidder. 

The CAQ is a party about nothing.

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