Question For PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Do your damn fucking job and shut the fuck up already. This garbage of shutting down people's accounts because you disagree with them or because some grifting outfit funded by Bill Gates tells you something is 'misinformation' has to stop.

It's retarded and dangerous. 

I've just about had it with these faux-righteous authoritarian nitwits.

Fucking PayPal getting in on the 'misinformation' scam. Get real.

It's all a scam. All of it. Climate change. Covid vaccines. Wokism. All nonsense with no bearing facts or reason.

They're not going after 'disinformation' or 'misinformation'. They're simply erasing OPINIONS.

Like this one.

Stop playing.

Stop doing business with companies like PayPal. There are competitors and options.

While you're at it, shut down your Twitter and Facebook accounts. They're dying breeds anyway.

Maybe Twitter - a monumentally poorly run company filled with obnoxious ignoramuses. Like LinkedIn and PayPal and other companies - may survive once Musk gets in there (and no, I don't see him as a saviour. He's an immature grifter with a sketchy track record) but for now, it's a piss hole. 

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