Bill Gates And His Projects: Cui Bono?

In Trading Places, the Duke brothers attempted to corner the orange juice market only to be thwarted by the combined wits of Billy Ray and Winthorpe.  Sorry Winthorpe III.

Another greedy sleaze ball is attempting his own orange juice market monopoly.

Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, remember, is a convicted felon. Don't forget this. 

And felons don't change their spots. His 'philanthropy' is to cover the fact he's a rapacious, insatiable wolf.

Look at the footage of him being investigated by interrogators when Microsoft ran afoul of anti-trust laws. That wasn't normal behaviour.

Gates, as we know, has Asperger's. 

Meaning, he may not be all that connected to what it is to be human on a deep level. 

Three things Gates is doing that are likely causing more harm than good.

1) Through his foundation and GAVI his obsession with vaccines and vaccinating the world indefinitely.

2) Has become the largest (farm)  land owner in America now ensuring he can control the food supply.

3) Pushing Digital ID.

In an interview with a shill corporate hack posing as a journalist, he said something that caught my ear. In responding to the criticism he's pushing for digital ID for control, he scoffed it off asking what was he going to do with all that data?

On the surface, it's a good response for a normie to digest. Indeed, conspiracy theorists, what would he do with all that information!?

They may not realize, because normies can only think one step at a time, we're dealing with Bill Gates here, right? A known tech sociopath.

That was a classic disingenuous response looking to deflect from the fact that's precisely what he wants: YOUR DATA.

There's nothing implausible or outrageous here. He has the means and the motive to want and accomplish this. 

It is in fact not even conspiratorial. He's telling you what he wants except they sell it as something good and necessary to protect, health, democracy, blah, blah. 

Like Covid measures had nothing to do with public health but a psychological exercise in order to acclimatize people to a caged and controlled life, so is the UN's Agenda 2030. It has nothing to do with what they say it is.

These are globalists setting up an advanced neo-feudal system. That's all this is.

They flat out say they 'own the science' and they now own YOU because they forced you into a medical procedure. You may think you chose to take it of your free will or deluded yourself into thinking you doing good for humanity, but you were played and lied to.

And still, you cannot see the deception.

At some point, it is the awakened who will lose patience with the normies and things will come to blows and spill onto the streets. Millions want no part of Gates' scheme and scam.

In short and in closing, Gates wants it all.

We must stop this anti-human monster. 

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