Another Day Another Bad Ruling

The hits keep on coming in Canada.

This time in Alberta. 

Everything has been inverted and reversed. Now we must live for the weak and the minority. 

Good luck trying to build and maintain a healthy and prosperous society with this mindset and legal system. It's not going to end well.

The new baseline and standard as been set in Canada Accept it - or leave. I'm planning the latter at some point. Just go read anything by a hack Patrick Legace in La Presse to see how mediocrity simply reigns here. 

Out of all the countries I follow when it comes to lawsuits, Canada by far is the worst. It's not even close. It's not just the rulings - it's the opinions given. They're laughably sophomoric, pitiful and disturbing in their lack of wisdom and excess deference to the government. Our judges can't hold a candle to American justices. Have you ever read their opinions past and present? Works of art some of them.

Here? Let's see. The government 'suspends' restrictions and asks the court to dismiss lawsuits against them since it's 'moot' and is....GRANTED. Even though they're still out there passive-aggressively threatening the population with.....restrictions. Somewhere Lagace claps his hands like a seal who survived a club to the head screaming, 'Derp, cONSpiRacee tearIS!"

Had the judge got off her lazy ass and showed some damn courage and looked at the evidence and damages it would keep this lawless government running ram shod on the civil liberties of all Canadians (yes you too you vaccinated normies even if you don't see it) somewhat in check.

But nope. So you can't sue because 'emergency' and you can't sue because 'moot'. Where's the fricking chance to seek justice? 

Canada is a nation of apathetic dullards. Simple as that. We were given a country we never had to fight for and we're acting like a bunch of petulant dimwits smoking weed all day and wallowing in our lazy smugness. We have a post-colonial mindset we never shook off. Rogan nailed us when he said we're a country on SSRI. Americans aren't stupid. We think they are but they see right through the mindset here.

As you can tell I am not impressed with Canada - at all. Double for Quebec. Quebec loves this sanctimonious lawlessness. I reckon Lagace given the tone of his latest hit piece on Danielle Smith (who possesses more integrity in her pinky than he does in his entire body), sure loves himself some Papa Legault propaganda and lies. Soviet defector Tomas Schuman once said journalists don't need to be smart. Just mediocre. It's how they survive a corrupt system they swim in so as to be easily manipulated by the real decision-makers. 

Get used to these rulings. The tone has been set. You ain't getting what you're about to see in the USA. 

Any other true and strong democracy would have turfed Trudeau a long time ago. How many scandals and scams has he been embroiled in?  Never mind the Aga Khan, the SNC scandal was the one that launched his rogue path. When you break the rule of law, it becomes easier and he has done it two more times since. Canada doesn't have the rule of law - it has the rule of man. And good luck putting that puppet back in its chest. That he's still out there acting like a complete idiot is a reflection of our own cowardice and inability to stand up for Canada. 

There are no values or principles left. Smith is pushing a value system many people shared before Covid-19. What little intellectual pygmies like Lagace and his ilk are peddling is a medical tyrannical system because 'public health' without regard or care for the entire overall health of people.

They're, as we say, useful tools and idiots.

And it's Klaus Schwab, Patrick. Nor Karl.


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