There Is No Justice System In Quebec

It's just a pack of procedural games.

There are several lawsuits pending against the Quebec government challenging its authoritarian measures and its abuse of power via Bill 28.

They were supposed to be heard by now except the judiciary keeps granting the government requests for  delays. This time, it will be in early January. After Bill 28 is set to (allegedly) expire. I expect Legault to take full advantage of his power and abuse it by potentially renewing it. Good job Quebecers. Cluelessly neutered and without courage you remain. 

In Quebec and Canada, you're always at war with Covid.

Have you noticed anything? Assuming you're not sleeping at the switch, there is little to no talk about Covid or vaccines in the world anymore. So much so,  Canada is sticking out like a sore thumb.

New Zealand is ending and unwinding all their authoritarian measures, several countries are slowing down their vaccine campaigns, the EU is investigating Pfizer and so on. The world is moving on.

Canada isn't. Stuck on stupid. Our morally, intellectually, ethically, and scientifically bankrupted elite and expert classes remain stuck on a 2020-21 treadmill. Their messaging is more stale than one week old bread.

Circling back to Quebec, the courts are clearly not independent as they continue to fully back the emergency measures.

There is no justice system in Quebec.

This along with our second rate public health system.

Jab up Quebec! You'll be the only jurisdiction to do so.

Because you're fearful and continue to 'trust the experts'.


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