While Ottawa Burns

While Rome burned in a great fire, Emperor Nero allegedly aloofly played his fiddle tearing.

Fast forward two thousand years and we have a wannabe immature dictator going bungee jumping as the country wallows in a crisis of leadership.

Three scandalous revelations in the past week should have paved the way to a non-confidence vote and the collapse of the Liberal party. 

Instead. Nothing. 

First comes the bullying and intimidation of witnesses under the watch of Argentinian-born Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez (South Americans are renowned for tolerance of authoritarianism. A natural fit for the Liberals) during the Bill C-11 hearings. 

Then comes the mystery of the Winnipeg lab and its connections to Wuhan. Did we engage in virus trafficking? It's a massive scandal because the Trudeau liberals are determined to keep it away from the public. Why?

Finally, it was discovered Marco Mendacious Mendicino lied to a Federal judge.

You try and mislead a judge and see what happens to you.

This is just the latest in a long string of mishaps, embarrassing behaviour and scandals going back to 2015.

An attentive country with self-dignity would have sent Justin packing a long time ago. But this is an unserious and apathetic country.

One that re-elects failed leaders with no concern for accountability.

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