Do The Opposite

Remember Opposite George from the Seinfeld?

I think it's applicable to how you decode the lies being promulgated about everything including - gasp! - system change climate change.

Do the opposite of what they're saying.

That is, if they're saying the world is heating up, it probably means - besides being bull shit - the world is cooling. Heck, we may even be heading into an ice age. In the 70s, global cooling was all the rge. 

You're being played. Covid, Ukraine, climate change.

Be Truman.

Is there hope for the Normbies?*

If my buddy is any indication probably not. After being fooled into and regurgitating the Covid 'save granny, the economy is just money, fifteen days to flatten the curve', he now wails about how 'fascism is taking over Europe'.

This is your brain on the narrative pimped by the corporate media and academics. 

Opposite George discovered there was more to George. 

Maybe it will be the same for you.

*Normies + Zombies = Normbies. 


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