Vaccine Dogma Driving Canadian Health

Once again 'Health Minister' Jean-Yves Duclos is out there peddling misinformation and lies with passive aggressive threats of more restrictions for good measure. 

The Canadian government is making it clear if you docile, obedient and apathetic Canadians don't go get your dangerous, ineffective and pointless treatment, you will be punished for not eating your broccoli.

The government has take the disturbing stance that their sole job is to protect you.

While Justin profits off ArrivCan apps and ventilator schemes of course.

Hey, may as well make a buck in the process, no?

This is not, let's get this straight, about public health. They're serving Pfizer. Period.

There is no pandemic. It's over. 

But there was Duclos making outrageous claims misleading Canadians.

Yes, I am calling the ENTIRE Canadian public health apparatus and government LIARS.

Outright and abject lying sacks of shit.

Ductus said, 'Covid-19 is not over'. 

That little line is key. Why? Because we all know it's never going to be over. We've known from the beginning it was going to be endemic. 

So what's he saying here exactly? Perpetual terrorizing of the Canadian people?

Covid-19 will be with us forever and the vaccines will never be able to contain it. Ever.

Duclos then made the claim - without FACT (but who cares about facts and data any more, right?) - the 'good news' was that the Bilavent shots have arrived. You know,  the ones tested on eight mice. The one that's already probably DOA because of new variants. Right, it's because of the unvaccinated the shots fail.

Sure. Keep believing that folks. Your ability to critically think is on par with Minister Caillou if you do.

Studies have been pouring in pointing to the NEGATIVE EFFICACY of bivalent junk. 

What does that mean? It means not only won't it protect you or stop transmission (which we've fricken known since 2021), but you're likely to in fact get infected at a higher rate than unvaccinated people. Cut, slice and dice this all you want - piss and spit in their faces if you want - but the unvaccinated were right all along. 

Just this past week Bloomberg reported they're not effective in plain English. Moderna CEO Bancel also expressed that it's time to accept this is like the flu and that ongoing shots are not necessary.

Are any of you PAYING ATTENTION?

Your government is LYING to you.

Jean-Yves Duclos, Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, PHAC and NACI are LYING. 

As in they're not telling you the truth to provide INFORMED CONSENT.

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