Stay Classy Justin

During a moment of silence for the Queen, the Bloc Quebecois walked out of Parliament.

It was a terrible look but indicative of the charged up times we live in.

Quebec often likes to say it's a question of 'respect' whenever it makes demands on Canada.

It doesn't seem to understand in order to get respect, you must give it.

And earn it.

The stunt the Bloc pulled was just that. An immature stunt. It acted with no respect. I'm no fan of Royalty but sometimes you just have to let politics aside.

It's unfortunate we've lost this basic value of respect.

Not to be outdone, Justin refused to send out a congratulations to Italy's first woman PM Giorgia Meloni. 

You would think that a 'male feminist' like him would jump at the chance to do so but Justin has no inner core values. He simply emotes. He's an ideologue with a remedial, regressive and divisive mindset.

So does his party. Sorry Liberals. You own him. This cockwomble.

It appears the vindictive Justin is not happy that Meloni is not of his vacuous and empty headed outlook. There are claims she's a neo-fascist - which she is not - but she does have vies that run contrary to the progressive-woke narrative and world view.

This makes her a monster not worthy of a simple congratulations.

What makes this snub all the more idiotic is it's counter-productive. Italy is an ally and member of the G7. His actions proves he can't think past his childish impulsive tantrums. He causes unnecessary friction. 

A talent he excels in.

Of course, he's not alone. The lost case posing as a puppet President in the United States, the one and only Joe Biden - who most of the time can't remember if he put on a diaper or what room he's in - 'denounced' the election result.

Think of it. These two morons who have taken their respective countries on destructive paths, are ganging up on a DEMOCRATIC ALLY.

I thought they were all about 'freedom and democracy'. Oh right. Except when it doesn't go their way. 

Then all bets are off. If they don't get their way it's extremism this and racist that.

They couldn't care less about democracy. 

It's stunning they have any support. 

In any event, this is Canada now.

A nation that can't give respect, doesn't respect itself.

During the pandemic, it showed itself to be a cruel and unscientific nation of cowards.

This is where we're at.

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