A Note To The Canadian Military

The Canadian army is appealing to Canadians to rally behind the army during its personnel crisis.

It appears the army now engages in gaslighting. 

Remind me who had a program to spy on Canadians? 

Who created this crisis through its own stupid and illegal (and I don't give a rat's ass lawsuits are being dismissed trying to prove this. The judiciary is not even allowing for the evidence to be heard which means the people continue to be denied their rights. IT'S ALL FUCKING ILLEGAL) vaccine mandates?

Same with the crisis in our shitty public health system run by gutless cowards.

It's not Covid or the unvaccinated who made this mess.

THEY DID and YOU DID by consenting to these deplorable and repugnant mandates.

This country is incorrigible.

How about you actually rally around CANADIANS and reign in a rogue Prime Minister? How about you find out why CHINESE POLICE stations are on our soil? How about you investigate if the WEF indeed is infiltrated into our body politic?

In other words, stop whining and DO YOUR FUCKING JOB to protect CANADA and her citizens, 

I've lost all trust and respect in our institutions.

The judiciary. Parliament. The military. Public health.

All of it.

This is a country run by clowns and for clowns. 

1 comment:

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