Don't Accept The 'New Normal' Health Outcomes Baseline For mRNA

You nay have noticed they're trying to normalize conditions like myocarditis, strokes and even infant deaths (SIDS anyone?) as these conditions have exploded in 2021 and 2022.

Gee, what happened in 2021 an 2022?

Quite the coincidence is it not?

There appears to be a lack of humility, and skepticism clouding the ability to apply basic logic. Until the rollout, there was not a child to be found killed by Covid. Since the rollout, kids are dying. Did this virus become more virulent and dangerous and we missed it? How does a virus which didn't impact kids suddenly; do so? 

The next doctor who says 'it's a mystery' should turn in their Cracker Jack docty badge.

That's all it's good for if you're going to be deliberately daft and insulting. 

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