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That's anyone's guess now that Quebecers decided it was a good idea to give more power to Francois Legault effectively putting the province in a dictatorship for the next four years.

Legault and the CAQ are a paper tiger.

I know this sounds absurd given the result but this is a party about nothing.

It has no inner core principles or values reflecting its leader.

And evidently the population.

Quebec's future is precarious under this party. 

Quebecers embrace demagogues and Legault fits the mould very well. The problem with the cult of the personality crafted by the CAQ is that once he leaves the party will go down with him.

If he doesn't take the province down first.

Here's the problem with the situation.

The people legitimatized what just happened these past 2.5 years. They signalled what he did was acceptable. Even though it was not a successful pandemic response and rooted in everything but science.

We know McKinsey drove the response and not Legault. They helped guide him into taking such measures to ensure power. He did what he had to do and the people cheered it on.

The government, the medical establishment and the media made sure fear would be instilled into people thus making it easier for them to embrace shambolic anti-human and anti-science restrictions.

The people simply could not snap out of their hysterical Covid posture and determined their government was doing a good job.

The result gives Legault a green light to continue. A mandate as he kept reminding. 


They didn't even try hard with their political slogans. That's how arrogant and secure the party was about this election.

There's no need now for him to consult anyone. He can now just issue edicts.

Ultimately, the biggest travesty of this result is there's no incentive for the government to hold a public inquiry or audit into what happened and how they handled it.

Quebecers will never know the truth as it will get buried over time.

We will see truth emerge from all sorts of places but Quebec will serve as a burial ground for the truth.

It's remarkable how there's no curiosity impulse among this population to want to at least know if the government they gave a massive majority to actually did do a proper job.

Rather, it simply believes it did - without an investigation or proof.



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