Smash The Orders Of Physicians

Physicians have played a big role in fracturing the civil order.

They're taking this to another level with assisted suicide.

Already we're seeing very troubling signs we're killing people well before they should leave us. All because we have an utterly depraved, cost-centric, second-rate public health system.

There is nothing progressive in any of this.

Compassion for its own sake is immoral. 

Taking advantage of people who feel abandoned, scared, and see no other options is about as immoral as you can get.

And doctors are leading the charge.

It's always worth reminding of the axiom (to me it is): Doctors must not know where the guns are. 

Recall, that the Nazis don't reach their murderous levels without the help and hand of doctors.

Doctors are the perfect embodiment of the yin and yang. On one side, they fight to save you and on the other the fight to kill you.

There's a menacing 'iron curtain' descending upon the culture and discipline of medicine. It uses the word 'consensus' to ram through top bottom one-size fits all medical decisions often in conjunction with the rapacious greed of pharma. 

This is not health.

It's corporate health. 

I see no value in a doctor forcing someone into a mask while experiencing an asthma attack. I see no value in an organization that recommends psychotherapy for people who decline experimental mRNA drugs like the CPSO did. I see no value in a system that will permit infants under a year old born with 'grave and severe syndromes' to be put down as we see (of course) in Quebec. 

All this screams abuse is on the horizon. Abuse of the weak, sick and vulnerable. Doctors will absolutely lean toward killing. After all, you're just a number now.

We're now officially in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' territory in Canada. Ironic after years of 'Let's talk' campaigns sponsored by Bell. Just when we were beginning to make strides into the stigma of mental illness. Now we're signalling, meh, kill yourself. 

This episode will be recorded accordingly. We will remember. 

I submit we dismantle the mafias known as orders of physicians.

Start there.

We live vicariously through the state. We've lost all sense of independence and humanity. 

We need a complete overhaul and cleanup of everything. Education, health, bureaucracy etc.



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