How Authoritarian SJW Function

It's very troubling how quickly companies bend to SJW tactics.

It goes something like this:

-If you disagree with a set of ideas or people, power must be wielded to silence opponents. Identify an 'enemy'.
-Invent a false narrative around that enemy so as to rile up support from the mob.
-Once enough people buy into the lie, the next phase of 'unreasoning' and cutting access off begins.
-Solicit companies to stop doing business with the 'enemy'. Make up false accusations, rewrite history - even your own narratives as long as it destroys your enemy. Power before principles.
-Useful idiots begin to follow the authoritarian cause (think Tim Cook) and become either unwitting participants in censorship or actively accept the narrative....and begin to apply censorship against perceived enemies.
-'Book burnings' and purges begin. 'Re-education' via anti-humanist bodies such as 'diversity training' are the norm.
-Life of its own. Search and destroy efforts are stepped up. Language becomes more fervent. Definitions are stretched to the point anyone qualifies. Ie racist, misogynist, alt-right etc.
-Cheer on the loss of employment of people you disagree with. Find faux-philosophical justifications for harassing and depriving people of their right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.
-Any rigorous action of self-defence from people resisting authoritarian measures will be called 'goons' and be characterized as 'dangerous extremist'. Hit first and claim violence when hit back. Impossible to defend against negative accusations. 'Peace, order and good governance' increasingly challenged.
-Kicking people off social media or from companies they do business with is not enough. If they peacefully seek alternatives, follow them and harass. Keep the stalking going. They're to be eliminated.

This is the game.

And it's ugly as sin. They don't care about the people and families impacted by their degenerate behaviour. Again, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a willing participant as are Patreon, Twitter, PayPal and so on.

They care about power. They don't care about children or morals or even Nazis.

They lust for power. Just read how proud they are at destroying lives. So gleeful in their maniacal success it betrays their claim it's for 'good'.

Funny thing though. Humans don't take shit for long and it won't end the way they think it will.

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