CAQ Make Green Boo-Boo; Middle-Class Asked To Pay To Save The Planet

Recently Quebec's new premier, the confused amateur and nationalist Francois Legault, inadvertently insulted Alberta calling the plan to lay pipelines in Quebec as 'dirty energy'.
Let's file this under 'ill-advised nincompoopery'.
I get what he was saying. He was trying to say Alberta is so 20th century and Quebec has the potential to be so 21st century where natural resources are concerned. 
I don't see how it's productive to insult one region whose precious resource basically helps to generate wealth in this semi-diversified economy over the promise of green energy. Oil and gas is here and real. Green energy is still a long way off so it demands some amount of pragmatism on the part of Quebec to not kick off an unnecessary inter-provincial spat.
Quebec needs to keep in mind it's a 'have-not' province and it takes a significant amount of equalization payments largely generated by Alberta which is considered a 'have' province. 
Let's leave aside the perception (well, it's kinda the scheme in reality it seems. Al Gore propaganda films, carbon credits, carbon taxes etc. are profitable for the connected but punitive to the disconnected) rich wanting to pimp a green program to profit from it and they want the rest of us to pay for it. 
The wealthy class - Bloomberg, Gore, Steyer and others - can take the pinch should the cost of living shoot up. For them it's all about the taps on the bums. But for the majority of humans (deplorables to the elites as Hillary so eloquently said. What a credit to humanity that corrupted scoundrel, eh?), the impact is real. It's the difference of getting to work or being able to put food on the table.
They expect people to tighten their belts and adjust their lives to their plans. 
And what will they do? Why, they're telling us the planet will die. Isn't that enough? You really think they're gonna turn in their private jets and yachts? 
It's the worst kind of arrogant paternalism we're watching unfold.
Luckily, people are starting to call the bluff.

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