We Were Told

-The economy would collapse in January of 2016 because Orange Man was coming. Paul Krugman was so right about it he now charges you to take a course with him!

-Nuclear holocaust via the Koreas was near because Orange Man Bad. Peace talks ensued.

-The end of Net neutrality would be worse than a nuclear calamity. One year on....we're all doing fine and the Internet is still up and running. Now to do something about the purge.

-Climate change is real. We have to do something by January 2019 because.....Orange Man Bad.

-Getting rid of Net Neutrality would break the Internet. Yet here we are. Safe and sound. Orange Man Bad.

-Gay rights were threatened and totalitarianism was inevitable because literal Hitler is in power. Kavanaugh sided with liberal justices and declined to hear a case defunding Planned Parenthood while Orange Man Bad has yet to do anything remotely 'totalitarian' especially measured against past administrations.

Instead, we have noted public intellectuals - who stand on the shoulders of great minds with such remarkable and inquisitive insights, it makes one wonder why one should bother at all thinking? - like Bill Nye suggesting skeptics of climate change be put in prison, cackler Joy Behar saying people who don't speak out against Trump be put in prison (the left sure love prison), college campuses operating like mini-intellectual gulags, and an obscene crack down on social media company platforms reminiscent of something, something Salem and a derelict U.S. system on a massive with hunt to take down a sitting President.

All progressive.

The projection.

It burns.

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